Individual Ideological and Political Performance Hello, readers, this document is collected from the    I pay attention to the study of political theory. I can conscientiously study and practice the scientific concept of development in my work and study, and establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.In our work, we should obey the leadership, unite our colleagues and actively participate in daily work.In terms of learning, we should strictly demand ourselves, summarize the learning methods suitable for ourselves, think positively and Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. study diligently.Peacetime frugality, modesty and prudence, filial piety to parents, helpful, good moral character.I wonder if these words are enough? Ideological and political aspects: ideological progress, high political awareness, always maintain the advanced nature and purity of Party members, and dare to fight against all kinds of reactionary ideas.Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, keeping pace with the times, can treat things and problems dialectically and rationally, and always keep a clear mind in the face of major issues.Love the motherland, love the people, adhere to the four basic principles, resolutely support the leadership of the CPC - Industry - party, actively respond to the call of the party, full of confidence in the cause of the party. Ideological aspects: I earnestly study MarxismLeninism, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\We shall abide by the laws and decrees of the State and the rules and regulations of the school.As a CPC-Party member and a student cadre, I have always worked hard and worked actively. While making progress, I have not forgotten to help others to make progress. I have successively served as introducers for several comrades to join the Party, giving full play to the exemplary leading role of student cadres of Party members. Ideological and political quality: College stage is not only the time to learn professional knowledge and develop various abilities, but also the time to actively improve our ideological accomplishment.When I first entered the university, I thought that the Party organization had submitted the application for membership, and then was appraised as an activist to receive the training and education of the Party organization.It feels like adding a sacred pen to my life, transforming it into an invisible force that encourages me, urges me, and inspects me at all times, so that I can have a good style of thinking and behavior, treat people sincerely, handle interpersonal relationships better, act calmly and steadily, and arrange affairs in life rationally.It is no longer a burden for the society to do things for the school and for the people around it. Instead, it is willing to do it and can be satisfied and happy. It has been pursuing the sublimation of personality. It pays attention to its own character. According to the spirit of documents, the general branch of the Party of the Art College decomposes the assessment task and clarifies its responsibilities. It also clarifies the ideological and political work of the Art College in the past three years.Self-examination and self-evaluation were carried out and summarized as follows: I. Organizational Leadership The leading group of the Party branch of the Second-level College attaches great importance to the ideological and political work of College students. In the central work of focusing on teaching quality, the implementation of moral education project has always been put in the first place, the working organization has been established and perfected, and the work responsibilities have been clearly defined. According to the different division of labor, the members of the leading group should strengthen the organization and leadership of Ideological and political work and closely focus on the center of personnel training.We should constantly establish and improve the rules and regulations of Ideological and political education management, strengthen overall coordination, and constantly improve the overall quality of the ideological and political work force. II. Conditional Guarantee The General Party Branch of Art College has always regarded system construction as an important part of strengthening the self-construction of grassroots Party organizations, perfecting rules and regulations, standardizing working procedures and improving the working mechanism of Party building and League learning.

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