North Luffenham Parish Council All Councillors are summoned to the Parish Council Meeting on Monday, 18th July 2022 at 7.30pm @ NL Community Centre Agenda 95/22 Apologies 96/22 Declarations of Interest 97/22 Public Forum  Empingham Medical Centre presentation 98/22 To approve and sign Minutes as follows:  Annual Parish Council meeting of 20th June 2022 99/22 Ward Report 100/22 Chairman’s Report     101/22     Correspondence – Clerk RCC weekly roundups From resident concerning planning application 2022/0669/PAD From resident with concerns about speeding on Edith Weston Road Invitation to Parish debate on “Future of Rutland and its Countryside” from CPRE Rutland on Monday 1 August from 7pm at Victoria Hall Oakham 102/22 1. 2. 3. 4. Damage to bridge RCC Local Plan Dog leads CIL working group Finance Report – Clerk To receive a report from Cllr Burrows – Bank Reconciliation To receive consider and approve the Finance Report To note receipt of NP grant of £5325. To note the following contractual payments: £45 for LRALC re councillor training £54 for DCK payroll £1250.10 for J. Willoughby salary £312.40 for HMRC £500 for PCC grant £66.60 for Zen 1 103/22 Planning - Cllr Burrows PLANNING APPLICATION REFERENCE 2022/0669/PAD notification of prior approval of conversion of agricultural building 1 No Dwelling House, Black Barn Settings Farm, Pilton Road North Luffenham DECISION NOTICE REFERENCE: 2022/0558/DIS PROPOSAL: Discharge of Condition 4 (materials) and 5 (Bat Boxes, Hibernation Bat Box and Bird Box) of application LOCATION: The Bungalow Ketton Road North Luffenham Rutland PE9 3UT Part 2 – Particulars of decision Condition 4 The use of Render - Parex Monorex GM G00 Natural White and sample received 25 May 2022. Slate - CUPA R50 75YR and sample received 25 May 2022 are acceptable to discharge condition 4. Condition 5 Details shown on 2020/03 22a showing the location of the bat and bird boxes, photo S-L1600 and S-L1601 (type of bat boxes) and photographs No 1 -7 showing the installed bat and bird boxes are acceptable to discharge condition 5. 104/22 Update report from Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group 105/22 To receive and consider the report from the Community Centre Management Committee – Cllr Cade 106/22 To receive, discuss and agree the proposed new policies concerning Grievance, disciplinary and probation 107/22 Date of next Parish Council meeting, Monday 15th August 2022 Sue Hammond Parish Clerk 12th July 2022 2

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