Complaints Procedure At Sutton Family Mediation Limited we aim to provide a quality service to our clients and welcome all feedback so that we may maintain and re-evaluate our standards. We therefore take all feedback and complaints seriously. Complaints Procedure If you have a complaint about our service, and your last mediation session is not more than 3 months ago, please contact us in writing or by email. Your complaint should be addressed to: Elsbeth Wells PO Box 429, Sutton, Surrey. SM1 9LB [email protected] On receipt of your letter or email: a) We will email you to confirm that we have received your letter and this will be sent out within 10 working days of us receiving it. The email will set out the name of the identified person dealing with your complaint and we will also enclose a copy of this procedure b) Following this we will look into your complaint. The member of staff who dealt with your case will attempt to resolve the complaint directly with you within 14 working days of sending out the email of acknowledgement. c) If the complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, then the member of staff will respond to you in writing and will pass full details of the case to the firm’s complaints handler who will speak to the member of staff who took the lead in your case and will attempt to resolve the complaint over the next 14 working days d) If the complaint is not resolved at this stage, then within a further 7 working days the member of staff who dealt with your case will send you a letter to confirm that the complaint has now become formal and if mediation is still continuing it will be explained that mediation cannot continue and the other party to the mediation will be informed of the complaint, although not the details of it. e) Once the complaint has become formal then the member of staff will pass details of the complaint to an external assessor who will attempt to resolve the complaint within a further 14 working days. f) If at that stage you are still not satisfied that the matter has been resolved you have a right to make a formal complaint to the Family Mediation Standards Board - FMSB ( The FMSB will expect you to have followed our procedure before they will investigate any complaint.

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