2022 Pit Stop Race League Rules  You can pick the top 17 drivers from the final standings from last year 2 times and 2 wild card picks which cannot be from the top 17.  Cost is 260.00 for the season. Payments o First payment due prior to beginning of the 3rd race - 65 o Second Payment due prior to beginning of the 14th race - 65 o Third payment due prior to beginning of the 27th race - 65 o Forth payment due prior to beginning of the 33rd race - 65 o All winnings will be distributed at the end of the year o Failure to make payment by any of the due dates listed above will result in a 15 point penalty per week until paid.  The Shake (4 dice) will pay 50 to the winner each week. If no one wins, it will roll over to the next week. Failure to submit your race pick will void eligibility to win shake for that race. A shake of 4 6,s “24” will give you 24 and the remainder of the field. On the final race if no one wins the shake for 1st place car it will be paid out to the first winning shake number starting in 2nd place and so on till someone wins. Example: 1st place car had qualified 3rd, 2nd place car qualified 1st and 3rd place car qualified 7th and someone shook a 7 the person that shook 7 would win the shake money.  The Chip will pay the top 3 finishers and the 30th position each week 50, 40, 30, and 20. If you are not eligible to win chip money due to failure to submit your race pick your chip will be void and the payout will go to the 4th position.  All Chip and Shake winnings will be credited towards your 260.00 entry fee until paid in full, after which time it will be paid out weekly at Pit Stop Bar & Grill.  All picks must be made prior to the start of the race through one of the following options: Pit Stop in person, made on our Website pitstopmosinee.com or phoned in to the bar 715-693-3636. You may also pre-pick your driver for the next race or for the season at any time throughout the season.  If you are unable to do your chip & shake at Pit Stop, you may have someone in the race pool do them for you before the race starts, that person must specify who they are picking/shaking for before the pick of the chip or shake are done. If you do not do your chip & shake, Pit Stop staff will do them for you when time permits for them following the race.  Failure to submit a pick will result in a score of 53 points, you will not be eligible for chip and shake winnings that week and you will lose your best driver that you have left. The drivers are determined by final point standings from last year.  If you pick a driver for the 3rd time or more, you will receive 53 points and you will lose your best driver that you have left. The drivers are determined by final point standings from last year.  Once the race has started you cannot change your pick.  All results/starting positions will be from nascar.com  All results are posted at Pit Stop Bar & Grill or on pitstopmosinee.com the week following the race.  Top 17 Drivers to use: 5 Kyle Larson 4 Kevin Harvick 18 Kyle Busch 8 Tyler Reddick 3 Austen Dillon 19 Martin Truex Jr 6 Brad Keselowski 24 William Byron 48 Alex Bowman 2 Wild Card Picks 11 Denny Hamlin 12 Ryan Blaney 45 Kurt Busch 10 Aric Almirola 9 Chase Elliot 22 Joey Logano 20 Christopher Bell 34 McDowell  If a driver switches teams or is unable to drive his or her car you will stay with the car number. If team owner switches car number after the driver leaves the car you would still stay with the car.  End of the season will payout top 15 places.  It is your responsibility to inform Pugs of any discrepancies in your driver points or cumulative point standings. All discrepancies will go under review with our 3 person board of Dean, Pete, and Pugs.  GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A GREAT RACE SEASON! Any questions call Pugs at 715-574-5160 # Driver 5 Kyle Larson 19 Martin Truex Jr. 11 Denny Hamlin 9 Chase Elliot 4 Kevin Harvick 6 Brad Keselowski 12 Ryan Blaney 22 Joey Logano 18 Kyle Busch 24 William Byron 45 Kurt Busch 20 Christopher Bell 8 Tyler Reddick 48 Alex Bowman 10 Aric Almirola 34 Michael McDowell 3 Austin Dillon 2 Wild Card Picks 1 2

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