Citizenship In PSCHE, Year 3 will continue to focus on discussing and thinking about topics related to ‘Citizenship’. This will include; how recycling has a positive impact on the environment; what the local council is responsible for; and the role of charities in the community. RE In art, Year 3 will begin by learning about the history of batik. the process of wax resist technique and batik. We will then have the opportunity to explore creating our own batik piece using the wax resist process. Spanish PSHE Music Basketball In PE, Year 3 will practise dribbling the ball, using a two-hand pass. We will learn what are the contact rules for defending are and what is the best defensive body position. We will also practise identifying and moving into space in order to be in a better position to receive the ball. Ancient Egypt Batik and Dying Rhythm In music this half term, the Year 3 will listen to a range of music. They will learn to confidently identify and move to the pulse, to think about what the words of a song mean and take it in turn to discuss how the song makes them feel. Plants In science, Year 3 will be learning about plants. This will include: identifying and describing the functions of different parts of plants; roots, stem, leaves and flowers. We will explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, nutrients from soil and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant. Finally, we will learn about the role of flowers in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. Computing History Science PE In maths, we will continue to deepen our understanding of three-digit numbers. We will also continue to build on known facts and strategies to help us with addition and subtraction calculations. At this point we are using the partitioning method to help use to secure mental calculation. We will continue to practise our arithmetic and number fluency daily. Please ensure your child is signing onto ‘Times Tables Rock stars’ weekly. Art Maths Reading Writing Year 3 Curriculum Web – Summer 1 2022 This term we will begin by reading our whole school book ‘The bear and the piano” by David Litchfield. As part of the ‘Reflecting Realities’ project we will be reading poetry by Valerie Bloom and using it as inspiration for our own poetry about hair. We will focus on using the texts to enrich our vocabulary and continue to practise the skill of giving a simple summary of what we have just read. In writing we will focus on recounts, newspapers and biographies. We will continue to build on the handwriting, grammar and spelling skills from last term. In history, Year 3 will learn about who the ancient Egyptians were. We will learn about the purpose of Egyptian burial tombs; the process and importance of mummification; the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses; and compare the Egyptian civilization to the Bronze Age. Desktop Publishing This half term, Year 3 will become familiar with the terms ‘text’ and ‘images’ and understand that they can be used to communicate messages. They will use desktop publishing software and consider careful choices of font size, colour and type to edit and improve premade documents. Why should we care for our world? In RE, Year 3 will look at various issues affecting our planet including: climate change and deforestation. We will look at different responses to these and discuss what different people believe about how the earth should be treated. In Spanish, Year 3 will read rhyming stories, sing songs, practise tongue twisters and have further opportunities to make the sound-written link by listening to words and anticipating their spelling. They will also continue to learn some nouns (animals and colours) and some simple classroom instructions. RESPECT (Resilience, Excellence, Success, Pride, Equality, Care, Teamwork) RESPECT (Resilience, Excellence, Success, Pride, Equality, Care, Teamwork)

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