Visitor Information Notice Voluntary testing for contact during social visits ● From the 11th of August we will be allowing some physical contact during visits for those visitors who can evidence a negative COVID test on the day. ● We must follow the same HMPPS Wales / Public Health Wales guidelines as care homes which means physical contact is limited to hand-holding. This is different from prisons in England where hugging is also allowed so please be aware of this for those who are transferred from, and visiting from England. ● Visitors who want physical contact must have a LFT (lateral flow test) test no more than 24 hours before their booked visit time, and they must bring evidence of their negative result with them to the Visitor Centre. ● There are two approved ways to evidence you have had a negative LFT: 1. Upload your test result to or by calling 119. Then bring into the Visitor Centre the email or text message from NHS Wales confirming the negative result. 2. Take a dated and timed photo of your negative test, and bring that in to show the Visit Centre staff. ● The testing is voluntary, and we will still be taking people’s temperature before they arrive for visits. If a visitor decides not to have a test, they can still visit (as long as they do not display any COVID symptoms) but they cannot have any contact. ● Children under 11 can still have physical contact without needing to take a test. ● All visitors on the same table over the age of 11 must prove they have had a negative test result in order for the contact to go ahead. ● Prisoners on an approved contact visit must wear a face mask. Further information I am happy to take a test. What do I need to do? Take your test at home on the day of your visit and bring evidence (see above) of a negative result with you. You can get testing kits from local pharmacies or use any test that you may get from testing through other means such as the workplace or your children’s school etc. or use local community testing centres. Check NHS and Public Health Wales websites for further guidance on accessing and taking tests. Do I have to take a test? No, this is voluntary and we know that some don’t feel ready for close contact with many people at the moment. If you don’t take a test, you can still come into the prison but you will not be able to have any contact with the person you are visiting. Taking a test helps us to prevent COVID outbreaks in the prison. If we have an outbreak, it may lead to us restricting our regimes again which we want to avoid where possible. By taking a test, you will help to protect your loved ones and the wider prison. The only time you should not take a test is if you have had a positive PCR (lab) test in the last 14 days. This is because you may return a false positive. This is different from the current community guidance which is 90 days. What if I test positive? Your visit will have to be postponed and you will need to book a PCR (lab) test in the community to confirm the result. The person you are visiting will be told what has happened and we will let them know that the visit can be rebooked using the normal visits booking process. This will not be taken out of their visits allocation. The same action will be taken if the person you are visiting has a positive test result. We know that missing your visit will be disappointing, but by spotting potential cases before they come into a prison, we can prevent potential spread of the virus and help keep people safe. Do my children need to take part in the testing? Children under the age of 11 don’t need to take part in the testing and can have physical contact with the person they are visiting anyway. Will I still need to follow social distancing measures in prison? While you will be able to have contact with the person you are visiting, you will still need to follow the rest of the COVID prevention measures in place. This includes social distancing from people you aren’t visiting and wearing a mask. Will the Cafe be open and vending machines in operation? The café’s and vending machines will be reopening in a Covid-safe manner from Monday the 23rd August. Café orders will be taken at tables, and products delivered to tables, with visitors paying (cash only, up to £30 per visit) at the counter one at a time. Vending usage will be one at a time. Will the play area be open during my

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