The Latest Model Labor Contract Party A (employer): Unit residence: Legal representative (or person in charge): Party B (laborers): Address: ID card No. Contact number: On the basis of equality and voluntariness, and in accordance with the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and other legal provisions, Party A and Party B have reached this contract by consensus for both parties to abide by: Article 1. Term of Labor Contract: 1. This labor contract is a labor contract.The term is: from the date of the year to the date of the year. Article 2. Place of work: No. of provincial and municipal roads. Article 3. Contents of work: 1. The position of Party B is that Party A can change the position and type of work of Party B according to the need of work. 2. If Party B is not qualified for the job, Party A may adjust Party B's position and determine the salary and treatment of one party according to the adjusted position. If Party B does not agree to the adjustment, Party A may notify Party B 30 days in advance to terminate the labor contract, and the economic compensation shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the State. 3. In the course of work, if Party B has serious negligence or intentionally caused Party A's losses, Party A has the right to recover from Party B. Article 4. Working hours and rest and vacation: 1. Working hours: Standard working hours. Party A guarantees Party B to work no more than 8 hours a day and no more than 40 hours a week.The specific working hours shall be arranged by Party A according to the needs of production and operation, and Party B shall comply with them. 2. Rest and vacation: Party A arranges Party B's rest and vacation in accordance with the provisions of the state. Article 5. Labour remuneration: 1. Party B's monthly salary standard is RMB yuan, and the salary during the probation period is RMB yuan. 2. If Party A arranges Party B to extend working hours or work on rest days or statutory holidays due to production and business needs, Party A shall pay overtime according to the standards prescribed by the State. 3. Party A guarantees monthly payment of wages with a specific date of payment. Article 6. Labor protection, working conditions and protection against occupational hazards: Party A shall provide Party B with the necessary tools and places for work, as well as other working conditions; ensure that the workplace meets the safety production conditions stipulated by the State; and take safety precautions according to law to prevent occupational diseases. Article 7. Party A shall formulate and improve various rules and regulations according to law, and Party B shall strictly abide by them. Article 8. Party B shall keep all kinds of business secrets, intellectual property rights, company secrets and other matters that are not suitable for public disclosure during the period of its work. Otherwise, Party A shall be liable for compensation if losses are caused. Article 9. Party B undertakes that at the time of signing this Agreement, it will not maintain labor relations with any other units or sign a non-competition restriction agreement.Otherwise, if losses are caused to other units, Party B shall bear the sole responsibility and have nothing to do with Party A. Article 10. The termination or termination of a labor contract: 1. If Party B needs to terminate the labor contract, Party A shall be notified in writing 30 days in advance, and the written notice shall be served on Party A. 2. Matters relating to the termination or termination of labor contracts shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations such as the Labor Contract Law. 3. When terminating or terminating the labor contract, Party B shall hand over the work items in charge and the property delivered to Party B by Party A to the staff designated by Party A.Party B shall compensate Party A for any loss caused by Party B's failure to handle the handover. 4. Party B shall receive economic compensation in accordance with the law for termination or termination of the labor contract, but Party A shall not pay the economic compensation until Party B has handed over the work with Party A. Article 11. Disputes arising from the performance of this contract shall be settled through consultation between the two parties in accordance with the principles of reasonable legality, mutual understanding and concession. If the consultatio

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