Freshmen Military Training Program I. Guiding Ideas Military training is the first and compulsory course for students to enter the school.Through military training, national defense education can be standardized and students'national defense awareness and concept can be improved; students' will can be honed, physical fitness can be exercised, and will and perseverance to overcome difficulties can be strengthened; students'collectivism concept and organizational discipline can be strengthened, school spirit can be further promoted, and class collective construction can be promoted, thus laying a good foundation for future study and life.To achieve the goal of successfully completing various learning tasks.According to the spirit of the superiors and the reality of our school, this plan is specially formulated. 2. Organizing and Leading the Establishment of Leading Groups for Military Training and Entrance Education Commander in chief: Group leader: Members: Teachers and Headteachers in Grade One of Junior High School III. Contents of Military Training and Entrance Education The main contents of military training and entrance education include cohort training, discipline education, legal education, safety education, learning methods guidance, etc. IV. Time and Objects of Military Training and Entrance Education 1Date: 26 August to 29 August Morning: 08:30-11:00 PM: 14:30-16:30 2For all freshmen in junior middle school 5. Place of military training: school playground VI. Military Training Discipline 1Respect the instructors, obey the leadership and management, and obey the command in all actions. 2Be brave and tenacious, bear hardships and stand hard work, and actively participate in military training. 3Implementing military regulations and regulations. 4Civilization, courtesy, public morality, hygiene, public property, solidarity and mutual assistance, and collective honor. 5Work hard, be thrifty and thrifty, and carry forward the fine style of hard work and simplicity. 6Hard training, proficiency in what they have learned, and strive to be excellent students. 7Actively participating in various organizational activities, conscientiously cooperating with leaders at all levels to carry out work, and comprehensively improving personal quality. 8Students participating in training are not allowed to take leave in principle. Those who have to take leave in special circumstances should ask for leave step by step, grant leave according to the prescribed authority and not go out without the approval of the head teacher. 9Participating students need to hold the leave approval rule to clarify the matters needing attention and the time for returning to the team. 10If the weather changes, the leading cadres should consult with the school leaders and change to indoor learning, education or training. Appropriate adjustments should be made according to other circumstances. VII. Requirements and Guarantees of Military Training 1The daily work of military training is in the charge of the school administration and education department, and the general affairs department and the responsible leaders are in charge of logistics.During the period of military training, students are managed jointly by instructors and head teachers. 2Teachers should make training plans scientifically, arrange training time rationally, step by step, and control the difficulty of training. 3The head teacher should help the instructor organize and manage the freshmen in his class from beginning to end. He should observe the military students'dynamics training and situation, master the grasp the students' attendance. 4Adhering to high standards, strict requirements, obeying orders, obeying commands, prohibiting orders and actions, and being vigorous and popular. Eighth, the reward system rewards the outstanding classes in military training and judges the advanced classes in military training. 9. Schedule of military training plan: date morning Afternoo n 826 June Night Contents of military training Concentrate according to class, tidy up classrooms and dormitories Military training Organize students to learn the rules and regulations of "Code of Conduct for Middle School Students" and "Code of Conduct for Middle School Students" Check the appearance of students place Person in charge Classroo m dormitory Headmaster Playgroun d Instructor Classroo m Headmaster 827 June 828 June Leaders, Playgroun i

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