Summary of Education Work in 2017 Summary of conscientiously moral and education conscientiously work: do a good job with moral educators XX is an extraordinary year.Over the past year, in order to do a good job in the school's make the work to cultivation school's a new level, and education, moral education ensure that the school's education and teaching go smoothly and achieve excellent results, I and a group of school committees work together, work hard and make progress, and have achieved certain results.Next, I will talk about my own practice and experience. 1. Adhere to the Construction of Teachers'Morality and Style Only by building a team of teachers with excellent professional ethics can the quality of school education and teaching be improved.Classes are the grass-roots level of the school. If the work of each class is done well, the work of the school will go smoothly.And the head teacher plays a vital role, a good head teacher will bring out a good class collective.For this reason, I put a lot of energy into Monday's this regular meeting and teacher meeting, class Friday's I work.Every teacher regular personally class chaired, summarized last week, arranged for next week, and conducted thematic learning and training, which improved the working ability and ideological quality of teachers and class teachers; conducted a teacher's morality story Essay contest, "my view on education" discussion, organized a class teacher work experience exchange meeting, first exchanged according to grade, butAfter that, nine advanced models were introduced to communicate with each other at the school faculty materials meeting, were and bound the into experience a book for everyone to learn.Summer training is specially designed to train teachers and staf in the work of head teachers. It requires that not only the head teachers, but also the teachers of the whole school should learn to be head teachers.In addition, in light of the actual situation of the school, regular work meetings discuss of and head teachers study new are held situations to and problems in time, and to guide the work of head teachers.Usually, we often talk with the head teacher, understand the class dynamics, grasp the new situation, and help the head teacher solve the difficulties.On this basis, supplemented by class assessment, the system and leverage are used to guide and promote class work.After patient and meticulous work, at present, the teachers and class teachers in our school have high ideological level and strong professional quality, and a good situation has emerged, which is to take the old with the new, learn from each other, and catch up with me. Second, we should always pay close attention to class management.According to the class assessment plan, the work of each class should be carefully assessed, requiring each class to have class rules, class training, good class and team lessons. Students'behavior and habits should be well educated from the trivial matters of daily life, such as not chasing and fighting, not eating snacks, not spitting, not littering, not speaking dirty words, and so on. The situation of assessment should be announced monthly, which transparency, not but only also increases increases transparency.It promotes class work.Thirdly, we should conscientiously supervise civilized etiquette and class duty, expose the problems during the week, deal with them in time, supervise the words and deeds of teachers and students, check chest cards, check hygiene, check exercises between classes, evaluate, grade and announce every day, so as to promote students'self-cultivation habits.Fourthly, we have of the good continued to implement the management of the Scorecard for the Whole-Course Management of Students'Formation Education, so that every faculty member is a manager, and students' behavior is regulated everywhere and everywhere, efectively. My Chinese teaching work is as follows: 1. Preparing lessons carefully and attending classes As a teacher, it is our duty to teach and educate people. If we want to teach well, we must have good lessons. What we have to do at the beginning of each semester is to study the New Curriculum Standards and textbooks first. We should have a good idea of the teaching objectives, key poin

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