Four Model Proofs of Family Poverty It is necessary to specify the family members and family income, the reasons for the difficulties and the extent of the situation, you need to be in the street or neighborhood committee issued.The following four situations belong to life difficulties:     1Residents who have no source of livelihood, no ability to work, no dependants or dependants;     2Residents whose per capita income is lower than the local minimum standard of living security have not been reemployed during the period of receiving unemployment insurance benefits or after the period of receiving unemployment insurance benefits has expired.     3(3) Residents whose per capita income of their families is still lower than the local minimum living standard after receiving wages or minimum wages, basic living expenses and pensions for retirees;     4Residents whose per capita income of other families is lower than the local minimum living standard. The above-mentioned "local minimum living standard" is based on the provincial average statistics published by the provincial Statistical Bureau on ________________ The proof of the above four situations shows that the working units will prove that the urban population without working units will be certified by the neighborhood committees and submitted to the neighborhood offices for approval, while the rural population will be certified by the village committees and submitted to the township government for approval. 兹有我镇(县)___________(具体地址)村 民 ( 居民 )___________ 、 ___________ 之 子 ( 女 )___________ 被 ___________ 大学 录龋该生家庭 ___________( 家庭成员状 况),主要从事___________(主要收入来 源),家中经济收入___________(家庭收 入状况),经济状况___________(是否困 难 ) ,家庭经济能力无法负担该生 The cost of study and living.Relevant banks and schools are invited to grant financial aid to the student to help him complete his studies.I hereby certify that!     ______ Official seals of units of township (town) people's governments (or County Civil Affairs bureaus):   __ Year________________ Day Proof of Family Financial Difficulty (Example)   ____ College:     ____ (Student's name) is a member of the provincial (municipal, autonomous region) city (county), _________________________________ In autumn of this year, he and his brother were admitted to university at the same time. The family had little financial income and could not support him to complete his studies. He planned to apply for a student loan and hoped that your university would provide financial support. I hereby certify that. Agent: _________________     ____ Villagers'Committee (Residential Committee) (Seal)   __ Year_______________ Day Explanation of Individual Family Financial Difficulty (Example) Distinguished teachers: I am a student of _____________________________Now the family economic situation is described as follows, please review: My family lives in the remote countryside. The climate is bad and the land is barren.Father works outside, which is the only source of income in the family.Mothers are not in good health and cannot do manual work.In addition, my brother is now in high school.My family is unable to provide me with the ability to complete my studies. I am applying for a state student loan. Student: _____ (Signature)   __ Year_______________ Day National Student Loan Family Poverty Certificate Model Paper (2)| Return to Catalogue National Student Loan Family Poverty Certificate Here are the sons (daughters)______________________ __________Because of the ________________________________     _____ Township (Township) People's Government (Official Seal) or ____ Residential Committee (Official Seal)   ___ Year__________________ Day [Poverty Certification Requirements]   1In the poverty certificate, the name of the borrower is required to appear explicitly, and the name on the identity card is exactly the same. It can not be replaced by homonym or abbreviated abbreviation, and it can not be distinguished by mistake.The lender's name may not be altered.     2The certificate of poverty requires the stamp of the people's government of the township (town) where the family is located, or the stamp of a higher competent department.Among them, the effective official seals are the township (town) people's government, the County Civil Affairs Bureau and the civil affairs bureau.Urban residents can be residents'committees, neighborhood offices and community seals.Attention should be paid to the invalidity of the official

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