Founder Broadband Employee Manual Founder Broadband Employee Handbook Founder Broadband HR. Dept. Founder Broadband Human Resources Department 2002July 2013 Catalog Introduction 2 First day of employment... 3 Daily Business Notes of the Company ___________ 5 Remuneration management system ____________ 6 Office management system ____________ 12 Reward and Punishment System ___________ 14 leadword Dear colleagues, I'm glad that we can work together in Fangkuan! Our collective work, Founder Broadband Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Peking University, is a big family.We all kindly call it Founder Broadband or Founder Broadband, where we spend at least 40 hours of full-time light together every week. Every new employee who comes to Fangkuan wants to know all aspects of Fangkuan as soon as possible, and in the process of formal work, every employee also needs the company's relevant system support.Therefore, there is such a "Peking University Founder Broadband Network Technology Co., Ltd. Employee Handbook".Through it, you can get a preliminary understanding of: The company's basic management system; company's daily affairs description; staff behavior norms; reward and punishment system; related affairs processing procedures, etc. Fang Kuan advocates "being upright and diligent", and encourages employees to be enterprising and innovative.Fang Kuan provides you with a fair competition and a broad space for development. In order to enable you to work quickly and accurately to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to you by your position, please read carefully. With the development of Fang Kuan's cause, this handbook should be adjusted accordingly in time. The right to interpret this manual is vested in the Human Resources Department. Beida Founder Broadband Human Resources Network Technology Co., Ltd. Department First day of employment 1. Registration formalities: 1. Fill in the Registration Form of Employees'Entry into the Human Resources Department and submit all kinds of certificates, including the original ID card, academic certificate, degree certificate and other qualification certificates, and keep copies after verification by the Human Resources Department. 2. Write the Initiation Rotation Form and sign the Labor Contract. 3. Receive attendance cards (or door cards) and office supplies from the Administration Department. 4. The HR Department notifies the Technical Support Department to open the company mailbox for new employees and send the Employee Manual to the mailbox. 5. Human Resources Department arranges time for induction training. II. Entry Guidance 1. The Human Resources Department introduces the company's colleagues to the new employees, and the Administration Department introduces the main service functions of the office building where the company is located. 2. The Service Department reports: It needs to be clear: The department is the Department (department), the director of the Department is the Department manager, and the direct director is the Department manager.The work is directly responsible to the direct supervisor, while the direct supervisor and department manager have the power to evaluate the work of employees. 3. Brief introduction departments: to the functions of logistics support 1Front desk: switchboard, fax, photocopy, mail, express mail, external guest reception. 2Administration Department: Car, Ticket, Reservation, Typing, Receiving Office Supplies. 3Finance Department: reimbursement, borrowing, cheque collection, etc. 4Human Resources Department: Assessment, Training, Salary, Archives, Insurance. 4. Contact means: 1At present, the company has two office locations in Beijing: North Olympic Building Office Area: General Manager's Office, Management Department, Market Department, Purchasing Department and Value-added Services Development Department of Operating Department. North Olympic Building switchboard: (010) 84887188, fax: (010) 84887385, Chengye Building Office Area: R&D Department and Customer Service Center (Operations Department, Customer Service Department, Technical Support Department, Engineering Department) Chengye Building switchboard: (010) 62013377, fax: (010) 62012233, 2. Communication address of Beijing Head Office: Headquarters: Beijing Chaoyang District Huixin East Street No. 2 North Olympic Building, 18th Floor 100029 Customer Service Center: Room 113, 100029, Chengye Building, 16 North Tuch

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