Curriculum vitae Essential information: Name: Gender: Date of birth: Height: Household Location: Present Address: Contact information: E-mail: Self-evaluation: 4Years experience in chain operation and store management in book industry, strong coordination, communication skills and good team spirit, familiar with site management, market development, team building, sales process, customer service and other work Working experience: 1997January 2005-September 2005/ Chain Store Manager Job responsibilities and performance: 1.Develop and maintain the regional market, improve the sales system, actively communicate with customers and establish good customer relations; 2. Feedback market information in time, put forward reasonable suggestions and timely adjustments to the company's products and market operation; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------2005October 2006 - December 2006 / Floor Manager Job responsibilities and performance: 1.In view of the company's operating indicators, we should formulate reasonable sales plans and divide them into different categories, follow up and implement them; 2. Participate in the formulation of weekly and monthly sales promotion programs and large-scale activities, and refine the implementation; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------20072002-present/Director of Office Job responsibilities and performance: 1.Expand and and maintain the distribution system, timely dissemination of company information to distributors, establish good relations; 2. Communicate with provincial, municipal and regional recruitment offices to establish "online classroom" and other cooperative relations; Educational background: 2001July 2004-August 2004 Graduation College:....... / Undergraduate: Business Administration Interest and expertise:Computer, basketball, reading. Curriculum vitae Full name   Gender   Birthday   height   Native place   Nation Chinese Photo University Political outlook League member one is graduated   from Education Undergraduate Contact number   Zip code Personal profile Hobbies Related certificates Social Practice Work Experience   major   E-mail   address   My Resume Name   Sex   Birthday   Height   Native place   Membership   Curriculum vitae Tel Postal Code Self intro Hobbies Demonstrate Work experience Nationality   School     Major     Email   Address   Photo Personal Resume Form Full name Native place Gend er Political outlook Registered residence Location ID card No. Education When and Where Institutions He Major Graduation Academic degree Professional skills Surgical title Working hours Date birth of mirror Health slice height What kind of foreign language and degree are you familiar with? Computer Application Ability What kind of job are you good at? What position to apply for Detailed Communicat ion Address Nation Treatment requirements Postal Code Contac t numbe r individual people main want simple calendar and main want trade performan ce Personal resume template Job applications: Full name Height weight ID number and Latest photo Gender Date of birth Native place Political outlook Graduate School major Education Graduation date Title Foreign language ability Current work unit Reasons for Unit Change Registered permanent residence Current address Cantonese competence Mobile phone Office phone Home phone Website Email The fastest arrival date Treatment requirement s Hope to work Accommoda tion requirement s [Annex] Expertise Interest, hobby Ideal direction of development Other requirements Family status relationship Full name Age Political outlook Education (training) status start End School time time Working condition start End time time Company Work unit Education (Certificate) position cadre treatment Curriculum vitae Basic situation Full name Gender Date of birth Native place Education Graduate School Speciality Computer level Contact informatio n education experienc e major Skill work experienc e self evaluate Telephone: Mobile phone: Address: A person who shows his or her excellence everywhere just proves that he or she is not excellence, or what he or she lacks, shows off what he or she is. Real excellence does not mean that a person is perfect and shines like an idol.It's about living and loving truly. Enthusiasm for life, satisfaction and som

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