Work Plan of Comprehensive Teaching and Research Group of Kangjiaji Primary School for the Next Semester of 2019 I. Guiding Ideas According to the school's overall work plan and teaching arrangement, the comprehensive teaching and research group will conscientiously study advanced educational ideas and new curriculum standards, actively practice curriculum reform concepts, comprehensively deepen quality education, take the renewal of concepts as the premise, improve the overall quality of teachers as the core, closely around the main line of "classroom teaching", and combine the characteristics of our school, strengthen teaching research.Continuously solving new problems in teaching, renewing teaching concepts, changing teachers'teaching behavior and students' learning methods, focusing on improving classroom teaching efficiency, deepening classroom teaching reform, improving teachers'teaching ability and scientific research level, so that the teaching quality of our group can be steadily improved. II. Overall objectives 1. Target: To build a team of excellent teachers with high cohesion and combat effectiveness, to effectively exert the advantages of the comprehensive group, and strive to achieve clear objectives, refined process measures, and maximize the benefits of results. 2. Training objectives: Focus on the cultivation of students'habits, and develop good living habits, behavior habits and learning habits in life and learning.Pay attention to the research of teachers'teaching measures and methods, make students happy to learn and good at learning, and cultivate students to truly become masters of learning. III. Basic Situation of Teachers The comprehensive teaching and research group includes English, music, sports, fine arts, science, morality and law and other disciplines, with teachers of all ages.Because there are many disciplines and different professional knowledge, it is difficult for our group to carry out teaching and research work. This requires all members of the group to do a good job in regular school teaching and improve the quality of teaching in various disciplines, work together, promote each other, learn from each other and grow together. IV. Specific Measures (1) Develop teaching and research activities to improve the quality of teaching. 1. Do a good job in the management of conventional classroom teaching, standardize classroom teaching, and do a good job in the classroom from the foundation.Develop good classroom teaching habits and improve classroom quality through teaching and research activities. 2. Teachers should base themselves on the position of their own subject, earnestly study educational theory and new curriculum standards, learn new teaching ideas, change teaching concepts, study new teaching methods and learning methods, adjust and innovate teaching methods and forms, and form positive interaction between teachers and students around the theme of "Let the classroom be learning".Active lively and and let common students be development the of Masters of classroom mechanism. 3. Strictly grasp the subject teaching and research activities, and improve the classroom teaching level through teaching and research activities.We should conscientiously implement the school's system of class preparation and attendance, and improve the teaching ability of our teachers through collective preparation and attendance.In classroom teaching, the new curriculum reform spirit is the guide.Improve the teaching methods, so that the teaching and research group has its own characteristics.Teaching should be geared to every student, pay attention to the development of every student, help students to build up confidence, and promote students'vivid, lively and active development. 4. To attend and evaluate classes, each student is required to attend at least 10 classes per semester. Interdisciplinary listening is encouraged.Attendance should be recorded in detail.Including dates, classes, disciplines, lecturers, topics, teaching process and evaluation suggestions.Class evaluation should be based on the principle of mutual respect, mutual learning and mutual promotion, timely pointing out the success and shortcomings of the lesson, and put forward suggestions for improvement. The lecturer should listen to the opinions modestly and strengthen reflection. In the course evaluation, students'learning communication, thin

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