Experience Summary of Outward Bound Training in 2016 2016Summary of Experience of Outward Bound Training in the Year On September 9-10, xxxx, I had the honor to participate in the company's outward bound training activities. During the whole outward bound training, the coach organized everyone to discuss every outward bound training project in time, analyzed the gains and losses in the process of completing the task, and summarized the successful experience and lessons of failure. Although the two-day outward bound training was hard, there were successes, failures, joys and regrets, butBoth myself and our team have made great achievements. Although the whole training activity lasts only two days, I have rich experience and profound insights. Although the training has passed, the scenes in the training process are still showing in my mind. Many of the insights gained through the guidance of the coach will have far-reaching impact on my life. My greatest feeling is that everyone is very strong, so everyone has potential abilities in their daily work and life that have not been brought into play; sometimes even they may not know whether they can complete a difficult task, can surmount a difficulty, in fact, as long as they have confidence and courage to face, there will be no obstacles that can not be overcome.In the face of difficulties, the brain is not turning fast enough, and my mental quality is not very good. Through this outward bound training, my mind becomes wider. Let me remind myself all the time: believe in myself, be brave to seize opportunities, and always maintain a positive and enterprising attitude towards life and team spirit! What's more, after the competition of several group cooperation projects, I feel that: firstly, the spirit of collective cooperation is very important, and one's strength is limited, so we can work together to overcome difficulties. Secondly, no team can ignore the role of leadership. Whether the leader is smart or not, we should make suggestions around the core of leadership.Work together. Thirdly, before doing anything, it is necessary to have a detailed plan, coupled with the leadership of the final system decision-making, to avoid doing some useless work. Fourthly, it is also very important for members of the team to communicate with each other. In the course of the whole project, mutual encouragement and trust of team members are also very important. At any time, we should not neglect the role of encouragement and trust. It will arouse a strong sense of collective honor of each member, inspire courage for each member from the overall momentum, and ensure the smooth progress of cooperation. This outward bound training will directly lead to our actual work and do our part well.Everything is the greatest reward to the company! Although the outward bound training is over, I believe that everyone who participates in it will get more or less inspiration from the outward bound training. Whether we can really apply the spirit of outward bound to the practical work in the future and the enlightenment gained in outward bound to the difficulties encountered in life, it will take a longer time to practice. We need to use the expanded mind.Passion and will to face a new day, facing every task of the company, we will be invincible! Attached: 2016Thoughts on Year Outward Bound Training 2016Thoughts on Year Outward Bound Training Outward bound training is also a kind of experiential training. It refers to training the students'ability to solve problems under difficulties and pressures through specific projects. Through participating in challenging activities with different difficulties, the students feel the connotation of cooperation, communication, competition, pressure, crisis, leadership, execution and breakthrough of adversity, and let the students stand on their own and on their own teams.Different angles to think and summarize, so that students can achieve the purpose of tempering will, cultivating sentiment, improving personality, smelting team. What is the difference between experiential training and other training? Formally: Most of them are trained through carefully designed activities using natural and artificial settings. From the content: Concerned about human intelligence factors, such as: Ideas, attitudes and personalities are not knowledge or skills. Experiential training focuses on the participation and feelings of students, rather than passive

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