Experience of Personal Teachers'Morality and Style This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Engineers should not only teach well, but also educate well. They should be good teachers in all aspects. In summary, we are clearly aware that correct understanding of their own professional values, advocating love and dedication, and strengthening the sense of responsibility are the inevitable requirements of the society for the education of professional ethics. I think that in order to improve their own morality and style of teaching, we should start from the following aspects and strive to improve their comprehensive quality: (1) First of all, we should love the cause of education and make every effort to the cause of education.When we choose the cause of education, we should have no regrets for our choice, regardless of fame and fortune, be aggressive and innovative.Complete every teaching task conscientiously, not for the best, but for the better.Only in this way can the students be influenced by the teachers and study hard and keep forging ahead. (2) Respect students. Every college student is eager to be understood and respected by teachers.We should treat students as equal people, and we should not criticize them casually at the junior level.Only when we value the students and the students are respected by the teachers will they respect the teachers and be willing to learn all kinds of knowledge taught by the teachers. (3) To be an enterprising teacher, only by constantly updating constantly improving their their knowledge, quality and constantly improving themselves can we teach students well.If you are scattered, how can you ask the students to be serious?In order to improve our own quality, young teachers are required to listen to the opinions of students and teachers.And they continue to learn, actively learn, and constantly open up the Protestant teachings. (4) Teachers'words and deeds have a subtle influence on students' thoughts, behaviors and qualities. Teachers'words and deeds, students like to imitate, which will have a lifelong impact on students' growth.Therefore, teachers must always set a good example for students, who are required to do it, first of all.Stick to self-discipline. Teachers are "engineers of the human soul", and their role in the growth and development of students is self-evident.Ancient people's duties to teachers can be summarized as preaching, teaching and solving puzzles.In fact, it only points out the side of teaching in teachers'duty of "teaching and educating people", while "serving as a model for teachers" puts forward higher personality requirements for teachers and educators.As educators who train future talents, their knowledge structure and moral standards are becoming the focus of attention."Being a teacher's model" has become the focus of the construction of teachers'morality and style in the new era. How to establish a good teacher-student relationship in the new environment is the most important.The dominant factor of teacher-student relationship is teachers.First of all, teachers should love students.If the teacher is amiable, the teacher-student relationship will be more harmonious.Teacher love is the most popular expectation of the public as an educator. We should build up the awareness of serving students, love education, love students, treat students as our children, be willing to be friends with students, be calm, not angry, not oppressive, fair and reasonable, not prejudice, treat students equally, and establish an equal and harmonious teacher-student relationship. 。 Mutual understanding and respect are the lubricants of teacher-student relationship. If there is no education without love, then education can not be said without understanding and respect.Because every student is eager to be understood and respected by others, especially by teachers.Teachers are in line with the attitude of teaching and educating students, hoping that each student can improve their ability, develop and improve their own quality, and achieve their desired goals.All these are teachers'considerations for students. Students should correctly u

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