Equipment Maintenance Plan for 2012 Equipment Maintenance Plan 2012 1. objective Maintenance plan for this year is specially formulated in accordance with the requirements of the company's production equipment management procedures.Maintain the good condition of plant infrastructure and equipment to ensure the efficiency of the use process and the continuous and stable production. 2. Range It is suitable for the control and management of the plant's infrastructure and equipment. 3. Duty 3.1The mobile department is the main management department of equipment maintenance.Responsible for the management of plant infrastructure and equipment. 3.2According to the actual situation of the plant's infrastructure and equipment, the Ministry of Mobility is responsible for establishing management files, formulating "Equipment Operating Standards" and implementing the whole process management of facilities and equipment. 3.3The Mobility Department is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance and operation management of all facilities and equipment. 4 Working procedure In the process of using the equipment, with the increase of working hours, the technical performance of each part and mechanism is deteriorating gradually due to the influence of many factors, such as rubbing, corrosion, wear, vibration, impact, collision and accident. 4.1Maintenance operation content According to the nature of maintenance operations can be divided into: cleaning, inspection, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and supply operations.Inspection work shall be carried out by the inspection department designated by the state or by the full-time inspectors of the department. 1) Cleaning, inspection and replenishment operations are generally performed by equipment operators. 2) Tightening, adjusting and lubricating operations are generally performed by mechanics. 3) Pressure vessel operations are performed by professionals. 4) Electrical operations are performed by professionals. 5 Maintenance system The company's equipment maintenance system is based on prevention, fixed operating hours for maintenance principles, divided into routine maintenance, first-level maintenance, secondlevel maintenance, third-level maintenance, seasonal maintenance. The classification and operation content of equipment maintenance are determined according to the changes of technical conditions in actual use, the structure of equipment, the conditions of use and the environmental conditions.According to the wear rule and Aging Rule of parts, the items with similar degree are gathered together. Before normal wear and tear is achieved, the aging will be destroyed, the equipment is maintained clean, hidden troubles are found and eliminated, early damage of equipment is prevented, and the purpose of normal operation of equipment is achieved. 5.1Routine maintenance of equipment Routine maintenance of equipment is the basis of maintenance at all levels, which is directly related to the safety of operation, energy consumption and service life of machine parts.Routine maintenance operations are carried out by equipment operators. The main contents of the operation center are cleaning, replenishment, safety and inspection. The three inspection systems are adhered to before, during and after the start of construction.Check the reliability of the control mechanism, operating parts and safety protection devices, maintain the cleanliness of the whole machine and all parts of the assembly, lubricate in place, fasten loose parts, etc. 5.1.1 Work items before start-up of equipment. 1) Clean up equipment and remove impurities unrelated to production. 2) Check whether the indicators, instruments, operation buttons and handles and emergency stop buttons are normal. 3) Check for leakage of water, air and electricity in all parts. 5.1.2Inspection in operation of equipment. 1) Pay attention to the working condition of each instrument and instrument, and whether there is abnormal sound in each part. 2) Pay attention to whether the safety components are normal in operation. 3) In case of abnormal situation, report to the responsible person of the relevant department in time. 5.1.3Work items after completion 1) Clean the outside of the equipment, remove the production materials in the pipes and containers, and clean all kinds of parts and components. 2) Exhaust the remaining water in the system, check the quality of lubricating oil, and supply oil as needed. 3) Elim

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