English Teachers'Teaching Plan for Junior Three in 2018 Guidance:This article is for reference only. If you can help me, you are welcome to comment and share. How to write the teaching plan when the new semester begins? The following is a carefully organized "English Teachers'Teaching Plan for Junior Three in 2018", which you are welcome to read for your reference.Attention, please! The new semester has begun. This is the last semester of junior high school. Students are about to face the high school test. This is a real selection test. To meet the high school test well becomes an important task of this semester's understand the textbooks, sublimate the thinking teaching.Therefore, teachers should help students understand, absorb and internalize the knowledge in the textbooks, that is, to synthesize, apply, innovate and examination, and turn the book of the entrance knowledge into students'own knowledge.There should be a certain time for intensive training, through training, to lock in the gap, and then put forward operational countermeasures to bridge the gap, try every possible way to narrow the gap and eliminate the gap.We should carry out cross-review in both vertical and horizontal directions to achieve the goal of zero-distance struggle.To guide and supervise students in batches and layers, so that they can achieve the best growth ideal and achieve the desire to achieve good results.In the specific daily teaching work, we should thoroughly implement the educational and teaching ideas and the spirit of the Education Conference of the Bureau of Education and Sports.We should earnestly study the teaching experience of excellent teachers and strive to lay a solid foundation for students'basic English skills. At the same time, we should strengthen the training and guidance of listening and reading abilities so as to improve students' abilities in this respect and lay a foundation for this year's entrance examination.1. Student situation analysis Most students want to learn well and are willing to bear hardships. Their learning mood is basically stable, they can persevere, and they can arrange their learning in an orderly manner. Occasionally, they will be disturbed by the environment and other unfavorable factors, and they can communicate with teachers in time to help them adjust their teaching methods. Some students belong to the type of spurring progress.Class I students are basically able to cooperate with the teacher's teaching in peacetime, but they lack selfconsciousness and quality. They hope to achieve good results, but they are afraid of suffering and suffering, unwilling to work hard, lack of spirits in class, seldom review their lessons after class, and need the teacher's supervision to make a difference. There are still very few students who are not enterprising, have very poor enthusiasm and initiative, or even partially study English.There is no interest in learning.There are six volumes of junior high school English. By reviewing textbooks comprehensively in 1-2 class hours each week, students can get a good understanding of the knowledge, and at the same time detect the problems existing in their study, they can timely feedback the missing, vague and unclear knowledge to the students, so that the students can have a systematic and complete system of the knowledge they have learned in the shortest time.By May, we will have a systematic review, and in June, we will do a simulation test.According to the students'situation and the actual situation in the class, the following measures should be adopted in this semester: (1) First of all, we should change the students' bad learning habits and attitudes from the ideological point of view, cultivate students'conscious learning habits, good habits of using their brains, and give more intensive lectures and practice in class.The students'attitudes will be changeable and extremely unstable. We should mobilize students to do a good job in Ideological work.(2) According to the specific situation of each student, each student is required to put forward clear learning objectives, specific scores, each examination must write a summary and formulate the next goal only to advance, not to retreat, and establish a self-evaluation of the wrong question bank.And urge students to study hard in order to achieve their goals. (3) E

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