6 children's Day speech 6 children's Day speech Parents' speech on June 1: Teachers, dear children and parents: Good morning, everyone! In this sunny, green early summer season, we ushered in children's long-awaited grand festival 61 International Children's day.I'm the parent of yuan runke, a preschool student. I'm honored to be entrusted by the kindergarten's year head. On behalf of all parents and friends, I would like to extend my best greetings and best wishes to the children with the most sincere enthusiasm on this special day. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have worked hard for the children. A child is a budding flower bud, a child is a tree just spit out new buds, every teacher is a hard gardener, is a guardian of the soul.Only under the cultivation of gardeners can flowers bloom smiling faces.Small trees can thrive only under hard irrigation.It is your hard cultivation that makes them learn BPMF and 123 4They have learned ABCD, horizontal and vertical, singing and dancing, caring for others, respecting teachers, being lively and uplifting, and unity and fraternity.Children are the future of our country. Every step of their growth is the greatest happiness of teachers and parents.Looking at the happy smile of the children and the attachment and trust of the children to the teacher, I deeply feel that the teacher is more important than Taishan in the children's young heart. Heavy, higher than Everest, feel the enthusiasm and love of teachers for children.I am very glad to choose a warm kindergarten for my children.My child has been living and studying in Qiping central kindergarten since he was more than two years old. This is the golden time for children's initial education. During this time, not our parents, but the kindergarten teachers have taken the responsibility of taking care of them and educating them. The hard work and pressure are obvious.You fed them, you wiped their tears, you covered them, you dressed them.On behalf of all parents and friends, I would like to sincerely say to every teacher in the kindergarten that you have worked hard. Thank you for your education and concern for the children in the past three years. It is you who have inspired the children's hearts and taken them on the path of growth. Today, they will show their own style and celebrate their own festivals on their own stage.Let's support a free blue sky for them, applaud their wonderful performances together, and bless their happy growth. Each program they perform must be the most touching and the most outstanding, because each program embodies the hardship and sweat of teachers, the growth and progress of children, as well as the enthusiasm of parents.Hope.We firmly believe that: Our children are the best, the best! In this childlike day, in the face of every brilliant smile, let's once again deeply thank these hard-working gardeners who bring children happiness and knowledge.Thank you! Finally, I wish the children a happy holiday and grow up! I wish all the teachers good luck and good health! I wish all the parents and families a harmonious, happy and healthy life! I wish Qiping central kindergarten a better and more prosperous day by day! Thank you! Parents' speech on children's Day Chapter two: Dear leaders, teachers, parents and friends, dear students, Good morning, everyone. I'm Dou Yi's mother from class 4, grade 5. I'm very honored to have the opportunity to speak here as a parent representative on this happy day. Today, it belongs to children.First of all, on behalf of all parents, please allow me to say a happy holiday to the children! This place where we are is a beautiful garden with lush trees and flowers. Every wall tells a story and every corner is nostalgic.Every morning and evening, our children come and return happily in the teacher's loving eyes. Under the teacher's education and guidance, one by one childish and naughty children learn and grow up. Their characters are just beginning to grow up, and they grow up from ignorant children to vigorous young people.Just as the towering tree cannot be separated from the careful cultivation of the gardener, the healthy growth and progress of the children contain the earnest instruction of the teachers and the hard work of the teachers.In today's happy children's day, as a parent on behalf of me, I sincerely say to the

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