6.1 children's Day blessing collection The following is the article for children's Day wishes. Please click on the following links: holiday arrangements, mother's Day greetings, weekend blessing messages, wedding greetings, birthday wishes, children's day, six gifts: gourd's courage, Altman's invincibility, brother's intelligence, The Smurfs's intelligence, Mickey Mouse's chic, Hua Xianzi.May your life be as wonderful as a fairy tale! June 1 children's Jolin's "look changes".After 81 childhood!Carefree day, at times, happy please my it repeat seventy-two will be sweet, back to boundless happiness.Do try it!Happy June 1st!On June 1, children's day, nothing is happening to adults.May your skin be as tender as a child's, your smiling face as bright as a child's, and your heart as carefree and happy as a child's!Six people do not know that they are rotten people. They are willing to act alone. They are women. Children and women are women. They are tall men.The economy is not very good, there are a few contacts.Children's day, blessings are indispensable: I wish you more money, feelings, happiness around, happy embrace, healthy smile, happy care, happy life, happy every day!Today is the June 1 children's day, specially for you: bite your fingers one day, urinate and mud for a day, wear a belly bag to show off for a day, eat a leak for a day, give yourself a break, do not go to work, want to cry, cry, want to laugh, laugh for a day!Have a good holiday. Today is children's day. I wish you all the best. Don't be too old, you will always be the flowers of our country. You can have more wrinkles, skin and flesh. You can have everything, white hair and green hair.Today's children's day, the world children's Federation sent a congratulatory message to you: I wish you a happy and childlike face, a rippling childlike heart, a twirling voice, a high spirited child, infinite childlike interest, unchangeable childlike heart and a rejuvenated child!Happy children's Day!Today's children's day, I wish my friends a happy and childlike holiday!May you have the same infinite vitality as a child, may you have the same infinite hope as a child, may you have the same joyful laughter as a child, and may you have the same flowery appearance as a child!Festival Rights: wear clothes and find someone to fasten buttons, get out of bed and find someone to lift shoes, wash face and find someone to carry basin, eat and find someone to pass chopsticks, write and find someone to move chair, sleep and find someone to lay quilt.Happy children's Day!Health first, happiness first, family first, career first, wealth first, love first. Although you have grown up, I still wish you 61 every day, first every day.Happy children's Day!I remember when I was a kid, I always hid in the corner to see your runny nose. Since then, I have loved you. Today's children's day, I remember to tell you, because there was no SMS at that time!Wish you a happy holiday!Laugh in the light of the lake, can you remember the childhood play?Butterflies flying all over the sky in the sun, have you ever thought of the chase in the past?Although the years have passed, the true eternal.Children's feelings day, may are still your youth fade.Flower bud is your time, wrapped in green leaves; summer is your festival, singing full of your books; prosperity is your waiting, colorful dreams come true with you.Happy children's Day! Flowers laugh and birds sing, and children's day comes again. Stop and rest your head to keep your childlike mind free of worries. Old people have white sideburns, wrinkled middle age, tired youth career, and complicated schoolwork. Today, all things are abandoned together.Children's and happiness long live is the happiness of the future, but also the happiness of the world.Return a happy childhood!Let their songs and laughs always fill their faces like flowers!Let every day be children's day, happy every day!After that mountain, that village, that month, that childhood: today, you and I have become old urchins, the years do not forgive!Today, 61 International Children's day, I tease you with SMS!Wish you a happy holiday!The work is very tired, the house is very expensive, the vegetable price has

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