Memories of my m other Zhu De Zhu De, born on December 1, 188 6, has the word "jade stage".From Yilong, Sichuan.Mar xists, proletarian revolutionar ies, militarists and politician s, and outstanding leaders of C hina.In 1955, he was awarded th e rank of Marshal of the peopl e's Republic of China.He was aw arded the medal of August 1, th e medal of independence and fre edom and the medal of liberatio n.He died in Beijing on July 6, 1976 at the age of 90.His works are included in selected works of Zhu De. Comrade Zhu De's mother, Mrs. Chung Tai, died on February 25, 1944, aged 86.On March 25, Liberation Daily pub lished a biography of Mrs. Zhu's wif e.Zhu De deeply felt the kindness of his mother's upbringing and wrote th is article, which was published in t he Liberation Daily in Yan'an on Apr il 5, 1944.On April 10, public sacri fices were held in Yan'an. With the help of the Central Committee of the Commun ist Party of China, great filial piety is the country; all on e's life's labor is the light of our party. Mao Zedong's couplet To be a national hero and a virtuous mother; They are worthy of working class perfection. Couplets of Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Chen Yun Teach people to become national heroes and drink the model of virtuous mothers all over the world. I have been a working woman all my life, and my homet own will always keep the family style. Note the following red characters Di n J Tenant () Yilong () drowned () toiled ()Nprivate sch L ng ool () L Sh Yamen () Y ah Keep working () and enjoy ()H ng m n Sister in law () Chu Ch ng The migration of the servant () ZH u Li Amiable (ǎ I) tube bundle (SH M ù) Ch i(w y è i mi ǎ n) forX wealth (R é Consolation n) ① continuous labor: continuous labor (farming). ② no pains, no complaints: no pains, no worries. ③ leniency and kindness: treat people with leniency and kindness. (4) to be rich is inhumane: a man who makes money by exploitation has no good heart. ⑤ saving clothes and food: try to save as much as possible.To cut down; shrin k. ⑥ support the door: barely maintain the family . (7) moving from one place to another and borrowing money from another. ⑧ chat: let's talk.Let's talk. 1. Quickly browse the full text and mark the natural segment; 2. Sort out the content of the text and divide it into paragraphs. ow many parts can this paper be divided into ?    Divid e the article into three paragraphs according to "total score total"  The first part (the first paragra ph), mourning mot her's death, leads to the content of memories.     Send it to grie  The second part (Paragraphs 2-13) gives f a detailed account of the main deeds of the mother in her hard-working life.[1]  The third part (Paragraphs 14-17) expres ses the author's determination Describe to contin ue the revolution. its work Song Qi de Read the first natural paragraph of the text 1. The sentences indicating the narrative clue are: Make it clear: "especially in her hard-working lif e." 2. Sentences indicating the emotional tone of the full text: Make it clear: "I am very sad.""I love my mot her." 3. What is the role of this paragraph in the full te xt? Clear: master the full text, point out the content of memories. Read paragraphs 2-13 of the te xt Skip the text, sketch the words that indicate time, and think: what did th e mother experience in these times?Wh at kind of ideological quality does i t show? The The experience experience of of time time mother's mother's thought thought quality quality of of mot mot her her When the author wa s a child , around 1900, 190 5, 1908, 1919, 19271936, Hardworking, frugal, intelligent an Hardworking,d frugal, capable intelligent an "Good labor" and "working hard all day" d capable "Good labor" and "working hard all day" Hard work, leniency and kindness Hard work, leniency and kindness Eviction, relocation and natural disasters relocation and and resent naturalbeing disasters DoEviction, not be discouraged ric Do not be discouraged and resent being ric h or not benevolent h or not benevolent Save Save money money for for "me" "me" AA vision vision to to get get rid rid of of poverty poverty and and oppression oppression Support and comfort "I" to participate in the revol Support and comfort "I" to participate in the revol ution ution It's uncomfortable to leave the land It's uncomfortable to leave the land Support the family independently Support the family independently Be firm and inflexible firm and inflexible

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