Lesson 4, detail training I. method of detail description I opened my eyes slightly, and my mother was really standing in front of my bed, so she stood, holding the blanket in her hand, staring at me, what kind of eyes that were!No good word for mother in the world can be added too much... 1. Slow down(describe the sentence "look at me in a daze") Ex.: my mother's eyes slipped to my lips. She stood there stupidly, as if recalling something.What was she thinking? Was she thinking about my crying when I just landed? Tip: where will mom's eyes move?Try to say one or two sentences in this way.(like sliding to the tip of my nose, to my hand, to my dimple) Continuation: Mom's eyes are slipping 2. Using rhetoric Ex.: mother's eyes - what kind of eyes are they?It is the tenderness of the vast sky to the white clouds, the tolerance of the quiet sea to the rivers, and the care of the dense forest to the small trees.What does Mom look like?Try to write a few sentences) Write: mother's eyes - that is the kiss of the late autumn wind to the maple leaf, that is, That is: 3. Change angle E.g.: under the eyes of my mother, I seem to have become a grass, enjoying the care of the spring light; I seem to have become a fish again, feeling the moisture of water.(what else does "I" look like?Try to write a few sentences) I seem to have become a butterfly, dancing, happy mother's face is full of smiles; I seem to have become a plum blossom, blooming in winter, excited mother's eyes are proud. I seem to be [classic detail] Paragraph 1: After a while, my father took some apples and ran happily.He handed the apples to me one by one from the window. Looking at Dad's white hair dyed with frost, I couldn't help shivering. The last apple didn't catch it and fell to the ground.Dad quickly stooped to pick it up. Just then, the car started. Dad hurriedly rubbed the mud apple on the clothes and handed it to me.When the car started, Dad waved his hand outside the window and shouted anxiously, "don't eat that apple. It hasn't been cleaned yet...Don't forget to write to home at school. "My tears came out, dripped on my hands, dripped on that It's also on apples with mud.(excerpted from "at that moment, I was moved") Paragraph two: It was a night of nine days. After going to the dormitory, I found a person curled up on the side of the road.Originally did not pay attention to, but when the eyes touched the pair of broken cotton shoes, I stopped, it was my mother!She raised her head and shook the snow on her body. She walked to me with a clumsy step. Her fingers were so cold that they could not reach straight, and she still clasped a bag.I opened the bag and saw a new pair of cotton shoes and some eggs.I touch it with my hand, and there's still some temperature left on the egg.She happily took out an egg, peeled it off and sent it to my mouth. Looking at the eyes she asked, I took a bite with tears in my eyes. When I knew that she had been waiting for me in the snow for nearly two hours, I angrily scolded her, "why don't I come to the class?" She bowed her head and told me in sign language, "I don't want people to know your mother is mute, they will laugh at you."At this time, I couldn't restrain my feelings any more. I put my arms around my mother, who is now only shoulder high, and her expression made me feel more ashamed. She was frightened first and then happy. Finally tentatively embrace me.(excerpted from silent maternal love) Paragraph three: The expression on his face softened as he approached the woman.When he sat down and unpacked the ice cream for the woman, the soft and bright background color reappeared in his eyebrows and eyes.That ice-cream, they eat it for a long time, until the sunshine falls down, like the gossamer, they are surrounded.When I passed them again, he was holding her hand and walking towards a pool.There, he helped her to squat down seriously, and then washed the remaining ice cream juice for her.At that moment, they lean on each other, water In the reflection, shaking, like a pool of happiness.(excerpted from "you are the most perfect flaw in my heart") Paragraph four: In the hot sun, in the field, my mother waved a hoe and rolled many fine and crystal beads of sweat on her black cheek.Gradually, these little beads of sweat, which are as big as peas, flowed down the wrinkled cheek and hung on the chin for a moment.This moment of swe

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