Unit 1 Growth Rhythm Lesson 3 find yourself Recognize yourself in session 1 Learning objectives 1. Know what you mean. 2. Master the way to know yourself. 3. Learn to treat others' evaluation correctly. How has your middle school life been since the beginning of school?Please choose three scenes to describe your middle school life. Scene 1: Scene two: Scene three: For example: shy, timid, nervous, dependent, etc. What is your image in each shot?Please try to describe it in a few words. Are you satisfied with your image? Listen to your classmates. What do they think of you? Self aware person I'll save myself three times a day Know yourself How am I? I Why am I different from others? What kind of person will I be in the future? What do I mean to others and to society? Explore and share What do you think of Xiaogang's understanding of himself? What kind of influence does this knowledge bring to him? I'm the best. You're not as good as me. I should be the captain. Then I won't take part in the competition Although Xiaobin's skill is worse than yours, everyone is willing to let him be the captain ... Tips: 1) Xiaogang did not fully and correctly understand himself, only saw his own strengths, not his own shortcomings. 2) such understanding is not conducive to Xiaogang's all-round development, will affect his interpersonal communication, and is not conducive to the formation of a good interpersonal relationship. New lesson explanatio n I. you know that What is the meaning of knowing oneself correctly? 1) correct understanding of oneself can promote self-development.It helps us to enhance our self-confidence and develop our ability better. 2) correct understanding of oneself can promote communication with others.It helps us to realize that we can't do without others and society, so as to better understand, tolerate and treat others, and actively cooperate with others. The real greatness of a man lies in his ability to realize his insignificance. -- Paul Explore and share How much do you know about yourself?Please complete the following sentences. The more, the better. I I I I I I How do you know yourself? How did you come to this understanding? Tips: 1) tall and white; like short hair and clean; like freedom; like to collect things you like; like to make friends; like sports; like to help others; like to participate in social welfare activities. 2) know yourself from the aspects of physical characteristics, personality, hobbies, their role in family or class, their relationship with others, psychological characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages, etc. 3) through self observation and analysis, my parents, teachers or friends can get to know me. 2. Measure yourself with more rulers 1. What do we need to know about ourselves? 1) we can know ourselves from physiological, psychological and social aspects. 2) we can know ourselves from physical characteristics and physiological conditions. 3) we can know ourselves from the psychological characteristics of personality. 4) we can know ourselves from the relationship among groups. Know your own methods and ways 1. We can know ourselves through self-evaluation, and have a proper self-evaluation of ourselves, which can help us to accept ourselves, have a correct attitude towards ourselves, not be proud or humble, and help us adjust and control our behavior. 2. Others' evaluation is a mirror for us to know ourselves. Others' evaluation helps us to form a more objective, complete and clear understanding of ourselves. Explore and share Self evaluation is a form of self-consciousness.The subject's judgment and evaluation of his thought, desire, behavior and personality. The general law of the development of self-evaluation Evaluate the behavior of others → evaluate one's own behavior → evaluate one's own personality Methods of self-evaluation Self observation and analysis Compare with others In the Jin Dynasty, there was a strong young man named ZhouChu who was domineering in the countryside.One day, he saw an old man groaning beside the granary and asked why.The old man said, "three evils in the countryside, the fierce tiger in the South Mountain and the dragon in the long bridge, plus you, will harm the countryside and disturb the people's livelihood."Zhou Chu was determined to eliminate the three evils. He killed tigers and killed Jiaolong. He went out to study and pay attention to moral cultivation, and eventually b

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