3 homesicknes s Learning objectives 1. Read the poem and experience the rhythm of its circle. 2. Taste concise and implicit language. 3. Analyze the images in the poem and realize the poet's deep feelings of home and country. New lesson introduction Nostalgia is not only a deep feeling of homesickness, but also a long and new theme in Chinese poetry. When it is mentioned, many poems about nostalgia will appear in our minds. hometown lessed with longevity. Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together. d, I see the moon so bright; withdrawing my eyes, my nostalgia comes around on is shining, and I don't know whose home I am sad about. d is green on the South Bank of the river. When will the bright moon shine on me? Approaching the author Yu Guangzhong (1928.10.21-2017.12.14), born in Nanjing in 1928, is a native of Yongchun, Fujian Province.Because her mother was born in Wujin, Jiangsu Province, she also called herself a "Jiangnan". Yu Guangzhong devoted his whole life to poetry, prose, criticism and translation, calling himself the "four dimensional space" of his writing.For more than half a century, he has been widely used in literature and is known as the "art polygamous".His literary students have a long, broad and deep career, and are famous critics and excellent translators in the field of contemporary poetry and prose.His representative works include white jade bitter gourd, memory as long as railway track, etc. Writing background Yu Guangzhong's life is in the frequent rush and migration, many times with family reunion.In 1971, Yu Guangzhong, who had not returned to the mainland for more than 20 years, wrote the poem "nostalgia" in his old house in Xiamen street, Taipei. Recitatio Recite the text n In one's childhood Nostalgia / it's a / small / stamp Me / here Mother / over there After growing up Nostalgia / is a / narrow / boat ticket Me / here Bride / over there Later, ah. Homesickness / being one side / short / grave I / outside Mother / inside And now Nostalgia / a bay / shallow / strait Me / here Mainland / over there In what order does poetry express "nostalgia"? I grew up as a child and now The chronological order represents the four stages of life, which are exactly the poet's life. What kind of feelings does this poem express? Expressing the poet's yearning for his hometown and motherland What image does poetry use to express strong homesickness? Nostalgia is a small stamp Nostalgia is a narrow ticket borrowing lyrics Nostalgia is a short grave Nostalgia is a shallow channel What is the expression effect of the modifier before image? We should concentrate our Nostalgia on objects of light degree. Against the poet's deep homesickness. What kind of emotion do these images place on poets? As a child stamps Mother child love Grow up - tickets Conjugal affection Later - Tomb Life and death Now - the channel hometo wn Homesick and patriotic, yearning for the reunification of the motherland Are the images selected in poetry parallel or progressive?Please give us a brief description. It is a progressive relationship. The three images of stamps, ship tickets and tombs are mattresses. At the end of the festival, "nostalgia is a shallow channel". The patriotism expressed by it is more noble and beautiful than the feelings of the previous three sections, and it can move the readers' hearts. Poems that reveal the theme: Nostalgia is a shallow channel I am here. The mainland is over there Thinking: what is the theme of this paper? This is a lyric poem. By using stamps, ship tickets, tombs and straits, the abstract nostalgia can be materialized into something tangible. It expresses the author's strong desire to reunite with his family members, to reunify the motherland as soon as possible, and to end the bitterness of separation. Exploration of writing Where is the beauty of Yu Guangzhong's nostalgia? 1. structural beauty Change in unity.Unity means that the paragraph and sentence patterns are more orderly, and the paragraph and sentence are more harmonious and symmetrical; change, the poet pays attention to the adjustment of long sentences and short sentences, so that the poem has the beauty of uneven appearance. 2. music beauty In addition to the regular repetition of the word "head", the final rhyme is not strict, mainly reflected in the beautiful melody of gyration and reciprocation, singing and sighing.The reduplication of "sm

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