Lesson 3: scenery description training Dusk at the end of autumn always comes very fast. Before the water vapor evaporated from the sun on the mountain disappears, the sun sets on the west mountain.So, the haze wind in the valley, with a strong sense of coolness, drove away the white fog and wandered to the bottom of the mountain; and the shadow of the mountain, more and more quickly, fell on the village, the shadow became more and more thick, gradually mixed with the night, but soon, it was silver gray again by the moon candle. The bright moonlight decorated the spring night sky and the earth.The night sky is like the boundless transparent sea, quiet, vast and mysterious.Dense stars, like small sparks in the sea, glitter and twinkle, beating small spots of light.Fields, villages, trees, in the quiet sleep, covered with silver gauze.Mountains, faint, like clouds, like islands on the sea, as if in order to summon the ships sailing at night, from time to time sparkle a little red fire. The function of landscape description 1, explain the background.2. Exaggerate the atmosphere and set off the mood of the characters.3. Display character.4. Promote the development of the plot.5. Express your feelings by taking advantage of the scenery. Method of landscape description 1. Change the scene step by step.2. Five senses.3. Static and dynamic methods.4. Virtual and real method.5. Split method.6. Analogy.VII. Fixed point observation Example analysis autumn When the wild geese flying in the South left its long and clear chirp to the vast and majestic mountains and rivers in the north, autumn, tied at the tip of the wild geese's wings, came gracefully in the fragrance of wild chrysanthemums.If spring is a young girl full of flowers, full of life and innocence, then autumn should be a young woman with full and dignified demeanor.In spring, there are young girls' charming and tender, but in autumn, there are young women's mature and full.Is yingyingyingqiushui her affectionate autumn wave?Long mountain, is it her light eyebrow?Is the dim moonlight her dim sleep?Is it her beautiful dream to dye the forest?Is the soft land her magical skin?Is gorgeous chrysanthemum her quiet smile? Bringing bright moon, is it her childlike innocence?Autumn water long days, is her indifferent mind?Autumn is gentle, because she is a mother; autumn is sentimental, because she has so many children; autumn is beautiful, because she used to be a flower like spring girl; autumn is implicit, the wilderness, the long smoke, the shepherd boy at dusk, the flute in dusk, the fragrance in the melting moon, the continuous song in the fragrance...No better than poetry, painting, song, dream, lingering in your heart, affecting you a long distance thinking.Autumn is the harvest season, that boundless autumn field, but a piece of autumn sea?Is that cottage a scattered island? Cars are like boats, sickles like oars, harvest in autumn, just as busy as flood season.Young girl picking up ears in the field after autumn harvest, are you picking up the shells left after the ebb tide?Autumn is the season of sowing again. When people plant heavy and full seeds into the soil, they also plant their heavy and full hopes into the field of spring flowers and autumn fruits.Oh! Next spring, if you want to sprout green hope, then autumn will produce golden fruits...In the autumn of my life, can there be such a thick autumn color, which makes me feel comfortable? Compare and write changes. (1) the sea is blue and blue. The waves move in and out, high and low.The waves fell on the rocks and splashed away like flying flowers and jade.(2) on its strong branches, five bright red delicate petals and a few threads of pistils make up such small and exquisite flowers "crowding and crowding". They sway gently in the breeze, as if they are warmly welcoming us tourists. Lotus Lake In front of grandma's house, there is a lotus lake. Every summer vacation, I go to the lotus lake to watch the lovely lotus.The sunlight casts on the lake, reflecting the superposition wave light, just like unfolding a colorful ink painting.Lotus in the pool, green leaves and pavilions, light and beautiful.A few lively little fish pass through the lower reaches of the lotus leaf for fear of breaking the quiet picture.You see, the graceful weeping willows by the lake are more lovely when the breeze blows.In the distance, the lotus looks like the rouge in the lake and the cloud on the lake, which is e

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