20XX graduation blessing sentence A blessing, a life care; a exhortation, a life touched.Graduation horn has sounded, with your blessing, we go on the road, no matter how much wind and rain ahead, the heart will not be lonely.Graduation season, wish to pass; don't hurt and leave, cherish each other; love of classmates, remember the bottom of my heart; remember the past, good memories; the road ahead is wide, wish to be smooth; the end of the world is far away, difficult to get together; good friends, contact more! From all over the world, running to all over the world, three spring hurried by, like a dream age, full of passion and laughter, don't cry, don't forget to pass you and me the news when the flowers fall.Use one day to be confused, one day to wait, one day to be grumpy, one day to pray, one day to steal joy, one day to be excited, and one day to live a plain life. May these seven tastes reconcile your life, and one week be happy! A simple greeting like water, very light; a simple blessing, very true; pick a star, pick a cloud, and put it into a safe information box for you. May you have good luck every day.Happy! Graduation, I wish you to release the spirit of youth, expand colorful wings.Friendship, brewing in the wind, will thrive in the future.A word of treasure, send you the most sincere blessing.This summer, how many people will not give up, how many people will cry, how familiar faces, silent looking back one after another summer solstice, the season of separation, more eager for the summer solstice.Outside the pavilion, beside the ancient road, you can go thousands of miles away. Remember the friendship of friends. Don't forget to contact many people later. Don't worry about having no confidants on the way ahead. Send wishes by SMS on behalf of wine: the journey is smooth and smooth, and the sail is suspended along the way! The way is precious, and the friendship is deep; pour a glass of water wine, and the tears are blurred; send a journey, and hope for a better future; send a message, and sincerely wish you a smooth journey!The road of life is a little bitter. I walk through the wind, the rain, the laughter, the pain, some feelings, stay in my heart, some friends, often miss, friends, take care of all the way! For many years, I have followed the wind and rain Road, now I sigh the fleeting years with the years, and I recall that I traveled with Shushan road in the past. At this time, I don't see each other in the end of the world. How much Acacia only turns into tears. I wish you peace and happiness.Send you a cup of wine, wish you happiness on your way to the future; send you a cup of tea, wish you happiness on your way to the future; send you a message, wish you good luck on your way to the future.I wish you a pleasant journey! The road you have walked, the people you have loved, the taste you have tasted, the tears you have flowed and the beauty you have smiled are all deposited in the river of time and preserved in the mottled memory.Four years flies, graduation respectively, wish you a bright future! Let me hold goodbye with you, then gently take out my hand, miss to take root from now on, the time stops from now on, friend, please don't put my blessing on your skirt, there are my greetings from all over the world.The most heartbreaking is the song of parting, the most unforgettable is you at the same table, and the most memorable is those years.Graduation, "friends don't cry", send sincere "blessing", "I wish you a good journey."Selected XX graduation blessing poems pick up a string of dreams, school frolic, recall is so gorgeous; and the pursuit of growth, has leaped over.The hustle and bustle of the world seems silent. I hope we don't forget the past.Gently we get together, unlimited laughter and laughter; gently we want to separate, friendship ties up each other; graduation of us again difficult to get together, let my blessing with you all the way.

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