The second chapter "sound phenomenon" of the eighth grade last semester Section 3 use of sound Learning objecti ves Understand the application of so und related knowledge in modern technology self-study guidance Read p38-40 and think about the following problems: 1 . The sound can transmit the sound. The bat can determine the position and information distance of the target by sending and receiving the reflected sound. The method Ultrasonic used by the bat is called the sound system. According to this principle, scient ists invented the sound system. With the sound system, people can know the sound of the ocean and the fish in the water. 2. Sound can transmit sound. People can use this feature to clean fine machines such as clocks and watches. Surgeons can use sound to information remove stones in human body, which shows that sound can transmit sound. 3. There are many activities in nature, such as yuyufu, yuyuyufu, yuyuyufu, and so on, which are accompanied by yuyuyufu. The voice of the elephant when communicating is yuyuyufu. 4. What are the examples of using ultrasound to transmit information? eruption TsunamiVolcano 5. What are the examples of using ultrasound to transfer energy? Echolocation sonar sonar energy energy depth Ultrasonic earthquake Infrasonic wave Typhoo Infrasonic wave Self learning detectio 1. When a railway worker strikes a rail with n a hammer, it will make an abnormal sound. Loose bolts are found in the sound, indicati ng that sound can obtain informatio Yes. n 2. Bats can determine by echo. This metho positio d n Echolocatio It's n called. Scientists use This principle was invented . sonar 3. The following information is not obtained by using sound () C A. the rumble of thunder in the distance indicates th at there may be a heavy rain B. doctors use B ultrasound to observe people's phy sical state C. surgeons use ultrasound to remove stones in hum an body D. experienced candidates always knock the porcelai n bowl to distinguish the sound quality 4. In the following sound waves, the frequency of sound harmful to people is () C • 85-1100hz B. above 20000hz C. below 20Hz D. 760 ~ 1500hz 5. Generally speaking, the walls around the great hall are concave and convex Uneven, like a honeycomb, this is for () A A. reduce the reflection of sound waves B. enhan ce the reflection of sound waves C. increase the loudness of sound D. only for dec oration 6. In traditional Chinese medicine, we usually n eed to "look", "smell", "ask" and "cut", among which the diagnosis method of using the voice of diseased organs to provide information is () B A. look B. smell C. ask D. cut C 7. Scientists monitor and forecast typhoons an d earthquakes by receiving () sound. A. sound waves audible to the human ear B. ultrasonic wave C. infrasonic wave A 8. Sonar system invented by scientists () A. It can send out ultrasonic wave and get information fro m echo. B. It can send out infrasound wave and obtain information from e cho C. ultrasonic and infrasonic, depending on the object being detec ted 9. (multiple choice) in the following ways, doctors can get inform ation from sound () AB A. understand the patient's cardiopulmonary state through stetho scope B. use "B ultrasound" to conduct routine examination for patient s C. use the ultrasonic therapy instrument to remove the stones in the patient's body C 10. The following statements are correct () A. dolphins and elephants use ultrasound to communicate with each other B. dolphins and elephants use infrasound waves to commu nicate with each other C. ultrasound for dolphins, infrasound for elephants D. infrasound for dolphins, ultrasound for elephants 11. What is used to clean the clock, watch and other preci sion machinery is () A A. ultrasound B. infrasound C. sound that can be heard by human ear 12. (multiple choice) as for the use of sound, the following statement s are correct () BC A. when the railway workers knock the rail with a hammer, they will he ar abnormal sound. Loose bolts were found, indicating that sound can transmit energy. B. doctors can use ultrasound to obtain the inside of human body mor e accurately Disease information, which means sound can transmit information. C. doctors can use ultrasound to remove stones in human body, which means Mingsheng can transmit energy. D. bats use "ultrasound" to detect obstacles in flight, which shows th at Ultrasound can transmit energy.

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