Section 2 Temperature What is the weather? 1. Concept of weather (page 51): 2. Elements of weather (page 51): 3. Weather phenomenon: The behavior of many animals is closely related to the change of weather. (dragonflies fly low, ants move, turtle's back is wet, etc.) 4The difference between weather and climate: Can you say "in recent years, the weather in Hangzhou is very good, warm in winter and cool in summer"? (the weather is changing all the time. It can't be all the same. It can only reflect the atmospheric conditions in a short time. Warm winter and cool summer are the climatic characteristics of Wenzhou. The climate is different from the weather. The climate is based on the average weather conditions and characteristics of a region for many years.) Discussion: (51 Pages of thinking and discussion) Which of the following words describes the weather? Can you describe the weather today?(based on weather elements) 2. Temperature -- the basic elements of weather 1. Temperature: the temperature of the air (tell us the cold and hot degree of the local air) 2. Instrument for measuring air temperature: thermometer (℃) 3. How does the weather station measure the temperature (1) a common thermometer (dry and wet bulb thermometer) is a mercury thermometer composed of a bulb, a casing, a white porcelain plate and a top.Use a pair of common thermometers of the same specification to measure the temperature and humidity of the air in the meteorological station (the humidity is obtained from the difference between the dry bulb temperature and the wet bulb temperature by looking up the table) (2) the highest thermometer is used to measure the highest temperature within a certain time interval. In order to prevent the effect of gravity, the highest thermometer is placed horizontally. (3) the lowest thermometer is used to measure the lowest temperature within a certain time interval. The thermometer is usually put in a white shutter box. Do you know why the thermometer should be put in the shutter box in the weather forecast?Why is the shutter box placed at a certain height? Answer: (4) when are the highest and lowest temperature in a day?Answer: 3. The temperature affects the animals, plants and human beings on the earth Reading: some special weather will break the balance of positive and negative ions in the air, cause people's emotional fluctuations, and produce behaviors that are difficult to control; the temperature is higher than 18 degrees, the brain is quick in thinking, and above 35 degrees, the brain will feel tired, the temperature is too low, although the brain is awake, the work efficiency is not high; people's mood is also related to the weather.Good mood in sunny days, bad mood in rainy days, the relationship between the main light affects the secretion of some hormones in the human body, resulting in mood fluctuations. Reading pictures: the highest temperature and the lowest temperature in the world and China Discussion: high and low temperature resistance, method adopted by family. High temperature (this summer) and severe cold (cold wave) hazards, defense measures. In class training: 1The following are weather phenomena () A. long summer without winter B. hot sun C. cold winter D. four seasons like spring 2The window orientation of the louver box of the National Weather Station in the northern hemisphere shall be () A. North B. South C. East D. West 3Temperature refers to air, which is the basic element of the weather.The instrument to measure the temperature is the commonly used unit of temperature measurement in China, which is generally read from the thermometer in the louver box placed at the meteorological observation station, which is meters above the ground. 4A meteorological station measures the temperature of the following periods of time in a day, and tries to answer the following questions: time 00:00 02:00 04:00 06:00 8:00 10:00 Temperatu 12.2 10.4 9.4 11.1 12.0 17.6 time 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 Temperatu 18.5 22.4 20.5 18.1 14.4 13.9 re / C re / C (1) the highest value of local temperature occurs at, the lowest temperature occurs at, and the maximum temperature difference in a day is. (2) if the highest temperature and the lowest temperature in the above table are the temperature measured in a and B at the same time, then the relative height of a and B is m (Note: for every 100 meters of height increase, the temperature decreases by 0.

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