Third grade on "know the air" Can air occupy space Why? Is there any more chalk in the chalk box? Is there any more water in the water glass? You think, The air will take up Space? Will the water leak down? Guess, do a little experiment. Insert the funnel into the small mouth bottle, and seal the mouth of the bottle with plasticine. Then quickly pour water into the funnel. Will the water leak down? Is the paper wet? Guess again Put a wad of tissue under the bottom of the cup. Then put the cup in the water. Is the paper at the bottom of the cup wet? Is the balloon blowing big? If you put a balloon in a bottle, And use the balloon mouth to cover the bottle mouth. Blow the balloon from the bottle mouth to the bottle. Can the balloon blow up? think about it Just three small experiments Did you guess right? You know what these results are. Why? Interesting experiment Experimental materials: syringe, eraser Experiment steps: 1. Pull the piston of syringe backward for a certain distance, and record the activity. Location of the plug.Put the needle barrel mouth against the eraser. 2. Push the piston, record the position of the piston, release the hand and observe What's the change in the piston? Push it with a little more force. Plug and let go, and observe the change of the piston. Through the syringe small exp eriment, What did you find out? Like chalk and water, Air also needs to occupy a certain space. Air can be compressed. Compressed air is elastic. What are the uses of compressed air in life? Inflatable Castle Football

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