The water is boiling Knowledg e and 1Understand boiling phenomenon; 2The temperature of boiling water is 100 ℃. skills Teaching objectiv es Process and By exploring the boiling process of water, we can understand the phenomenon of water boiling. method Emotion, attitude and By exploring the boiling of water, we can stimulate students' interest in learning and cultivate their ability to explore. values A key difficulty Boiling process of water Understanding the changes in boiling process through experimental activities Write Section A by oneself guide enter Conversation: when a guest comes, we usually make a cup of hot tea for the guest to welcome us. As long as we make tea, we can't help boiling water. Have you ever boiled water in your life?(student answer) according to the student's answer, point out: today's class together in the class beaker water. I. prediction phenomenon 1Show me a glass of water. If we want to boil this glass of water, according to your life experience, first since guess what will happen in the process of boiling water? main 2, students guess: learn (the following conditions occur: Xi bubbles, less water, hot gas, etc.) II. Experimental record results 1Conversation: if we want to test our guesses, what do you think is the most effective way?Yes, to do the experiment, only if you try it yourself, you can get the right conclusion.In order to give you enough time, the teacher has assembled the experimental equipment. When the students light the alcohol lamp, they can do the experiment. 4First, let's ask the students to think about how we can observe the change of water if we heat the water supply. (temperature change, bubble change, water amount, sound, etc.) 5What else should we pay attention to in the experiment?After the students answer, the teacher will show the warm prompt in the courseware at random to let the students understand the problems that should be paid attention to in the experiment, show the water temperature change record form, and briefly explain the filling method of the record form. 6,The students in each group began the experiment after finishing the work close do explore investigat e and made records. I. summarize boiling phenomenon 1Conversation: just now, the students were very enthusiastic about the experiment and found some interesting phenomena. Now which group would like to share your experimental results with you? 2Students report to the front in groups.According to the students' answers, the teacher randomly wrote the key words of boiling and the temperature when boiling. 3Conversation: just now, all the students in each group have boiled this cup of water. The phenomenon of boiling is called boiling in science. (blackboard writing topic) just now, the students observed some phenomena when the water was boiling. Can you say, in your own words, what is boiling according to the phenomena observed in the experiment? Summary boiling point 1Show a group of students' water temperature change record.Next, please carefully observe our water temperature change record form. From the record form, we can find out what is the law of water temperature change in the process of water supply heating?(guide the students to sum up the law of water temperature change: fast first, then slow. When the water temperature rises to a certain temperature, even if it continues to be heated, the water temperature will not rise.) 2. explanation: after the liquid boils, if it continues to be heated, the temperature of the liquid will not rise any more. At this time, the temperature is called the boiling point of the liquid.(blackboard: boiling point 100 ℃) consolida te Discussion: when cooking eggs, when the water is boiled, do you save gas with a big fire or a small fire? Practice Summary 1. Teachers and students summarize the knowledge of this lesson. 2. Whose boiling point is the same when you boil water on the high mountain and by the sea?Please refer to the information after class. Writing on the blackboar d Design teach learn back thinking The water is boiling. Boiling: the water is boiling Boiling point: 100 ℃

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