16Flower planting and pruning 1.Gardenia Trim method: 1, if it is a small gardenia, it can also quickly open a second wave of flowers, and a large Gardenia once a year.When the flowers are finished, you can cut off the remnant flowers 2After pruning, the nutrition is supplied to the stout branches, and the next spring is full of big flower buds.It can be pruned again every autumn. 2.Chinese rose Trim method: 1, can only stay, can only;Open every year, prune before rose sproutsShrub RosesOff the ground20cmhighFujimoto TsukikiKeep strong main stem vines 2, it is found that the blind branches and buds can be cut at any time at ordinary times, which can save nutrition and ensure the rapid resumption of flowers;Cut flowers with branches before they bloom10-20cm, 3. prune in winter to avoid frost damage.Generally, before and after the beginning of winter, cut thin branches, branches with diseases and insect pests, and try to cut flower buds in frost and snow weather. 3.Jasmine Trim method: 1, first cut the leaves (don't pull them off roughly, keep the bud points in the armpit of the leaves), then cut the branches. The green branches have two long leaf bud points.3Late mid month-4It can be cut again in the first ten days of the month 2, prune after each bloom, keep nutrition, and stimulate jasmine to bloom again;Cut from the second or third pair of leaves under the flower 3Keep nutrition for winter.In winter, the temperature drops to5Below the degree, you can make a proper top and cut off the excessive branches. 4.Geranium Trim method: 1At the end of summer and early autumn, trim the long and deformed branches of geranium and keep the old stump.To be reborn after summer,9-10Monthly re cutting, 2, in order to grow more branches, around February of spring, pluck the heart and top before sprouting, and nip off the branches.3-8cmTry to be3Finish before month, it will not affect flowering. 5.Margaret Trim method: 1The first time, there are less buds.Pinching the flower bud can promote the growth of branches. After growing more branches and flower buds, the pot burst faster. 2. when the flower is about to bloom and fail, it can ensure the second flowering;According to the sphere, cut off the branches and leaves with incomplete flowers and excessive length.5-10cm 3In the second spring after winter, it's OK to cut again from February to March.Keep away from the ground510cmHigh old pile 6.Petunia hybrida Trim method: 1, every time (before the flower withers best), around, can bloom again;Prune when flowers are about to bloomCut flowers and leaves5-8cm1-2Zhou Hou 2Petunia is a perennial, but only keptcommonly1-2Best annual floweringIn the early spring of the second year,2-3Months can be heavily pruned.Off the ground5-10cmThat's enough.1It will burst again in a month. 7.Asparagus fern Trim method: 11-2 years ago, the seedlings of Phyllostachys pubescens were counted to prevent them from growing too long.Bamboo grows fast and recovers quickly in spring and autumn, which is most suitable for pruning.In spring and autumn, it needs to be topped, that is, it needs to be cut short.

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