A letter from parents to their children A letter from parents to their children (1): Dear child: In watching you grow up every day, I hope you are happy. We try our best to create a perfect environment for you, just hope you can grow up in a good environment.We just hope that in a good environment it will be easier to cultivate good quality, we just want to let you understand that a good quality is the basis of a healthy life. We don't expect you to be any important person in the society, or have many money or great power in the future. We just expect you to treat everyone around you with a kind and honest heart, because we think that's the greatest wealth in your life. Children, people's life is always in the pursuit of different things, and we expect you to have your own ideals, have a fight for the ideals of the heart.If a person's life loses his ideal, when he looks back on the past, he will find that his original life is a blank.Ideal is to enrich one's life, and one's life is to strive for ideal.We just hope you have a rich and wonderful life, a life you will not regret. The road of life is long. It takes hard work to leave footprints on this road that you can remember.Children, I hope you don't be afraid of these things, because these are the basis for you to do things, the cornerstone for your growth, and the weapon for your dream practice. Finally, let's wish you a healthy and happy life. Father: Che Xiaobing   2009.5.18 A letter from parents to their children (2): Dear John: I can understand why you always feel a little uneasy when you use my money to go to the stock market.Because you want to win, but you are afraid to lose in that adventurous world. The money you lose is not yours, but borrowed, and you have to pay interest. This kind of feeling that I can't afford to lose seems to have dominated me at the beginning of my business, even after I have made more achievements, so that before every loan, I would wander between caution and adventure, struggle hard, and even can't sleep at night, and start to calculate how to repay the debt when lying in bed.It is often said that adventurers often fail.But how can idiots be different?After I was afraid of failure, I always got up and decided to borrow money again.In fact, in order to improve, I have no other way to find, I have to go to the bank for loans. Son, what we are seeing now is often a great opportunity to defuse difficult problems skillfully.Borrowing money is not a bad thing. It won't bankrupt you. As long as you don't think of it as a lifebuoy and only use it in a crisis, but regard it as a powerful tool, you can use it to create opportunities.Otherwise, you will fall into the mire of fear of failure, and let fear bind your arms that could have made great efforts, and there will be no great success. Among the rich people I know or know, there are few people who only make money by themselves little by little and accumulated over time. More people make money by borrowing money. The truth is not profound. One dollar business is far more profitable than one hundred dollar business. Whether it's to win wealth or to win life, what excellent people think in competition is not what I will lose, but what I should do to become a winner. The purpose of borrowing money is to create good luck.If I can borrow enough cash to mortgage a piece of land and let me own a larger area, then I will seize the opportunity without hesitation.When I was in coryfield, in order to expand my strength and win the top position in the oil refining industry of coryfield, I owed a lot of debts and even pledged my business to the bank for many times. As a result, I succeeded and made a shocking achievement. Son, life is a process of constant mortgage. We mortgage youth for the future and life for happiness.Because if you don't get close to the bottom line, you lose.Isn't it worth the mortgage risk for success? When it comes to mortgage, I want to tell you that when I take a huge sum of money from a banker, it's not only my business that I mortgage, but also my honesty.I regard contracts and contracts as sacred things. I strictly abide by contracts and never default on debts.I never forget to be honest with investors, bankers and customers, including competitors. When discussing issues with them, I always insist on telling the truth, never fabricating or equivocating. I firmly believe that lies will appe

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