10 Inspirational Stories: do you know the weight of a snowflake?Worth collecting! 2016-12-06 Small story and great wisdom 1. Blind eel phenomenon There is a very small and disabled animal in the sea, the blind eel.It's only half the size of an eel, and it's blind.But it has a way to deal with sharks, the overlord of the sea. The mouth of a blind eel is like an oval sucker with sharp teeth.When a blind eel uses a sucker like mouth to attach to a shark, the shark does not realize its danger.Little by little, the eel glides towards the gills of the shark. Unconsciously, the eel has entered the shark's body.After entering the shark's body, the eel began to devour its internal organs and muscles.Blind eels eat a lot. They eat twice their weight every hour.When the fire broke out in the backyard, the invincible sharks in the underwater world could not resist the two long lines of sharp teeth of the blind eels inside.In this way, the sharks are eaten clean by the blind eels from inside to outside. Revelation: this phenomenon of small fish eating big fish is also reflected in our lives.Aren't those small faults that don't seem to be noticeable, or are they just "blind eels"? It also enlightens us that if a person's shortcomings, even the smallest ones, are not paid attention to, overcome and developed, they will also become major shortcomings and mistakes."The disease of one toe is the loss of the body of seven feet; the hole of ants is the breach of the dike of thousands of miles." When a person degenerates, he or she often opens a gap in small matters, goes step by step to break the law and commit crimes, and destroys the future of his or her life.Therefore, we can't be indifferent to small mistakes and shortcomings. We must guard against them and eliminate them in the bud. 2, clock A bell, no matter which side you knock, always rings as a whole.When people hear the bell, they only know that it's loud and long, and they never pay attention to the side.The side that is often knocked is not convinced. It always wants to tell the world that the master knocks on me and I am ringing. To prove this, one night it tried to break the clock and let the other three fall to the ground, only it was still hanging, it wanted people to hear it.But it didn't think of it. It broke the clock piece, and you can't knock it out loud. The master had to collect the pieces of the ground and prepare to make a new bell.In the cold wind, only it hangs on the trees alone, and no one cares about it, which is particularly cold. Revelation: the bell is loud and long, which is the result of all parts working together. The clock piece without the bell does not have the function of the bell. If you want to have it, you have to be together with other pieces, accept the fire test, and make the "clock" again. 3. Such differences Harvard University has done a very famous experiment.One year they surveyed a group of students who were about to graduate from Harvard University about their life goals. The students' intelligence, education and environmental conditions were similar.The results are as follows: 3% have clear and long-term goals; 10% have clear but short-term goals; 60% have vague goals; 27% have no goals. 25 Thirty years later, Harvard conducted a follow-up survey of these students.The result is as follows: 3% of them have worked hard in the same direction in 25 years, and almost all of them have become successful people in all walks of life, including industry leaders and social elites; 10% of them have achieved their short-term goals continuously, and become professionals in all fields, mostly living in the upper middle of society; 60% of them have lived and worked in ease, but none of them have.With special achievements, they can resume their lives in the middle and lower classes of the society; the remaining 27% of them have no goals in their lives and live a very unhappy life, and often complain about others, the society and the world of "giving them no opportunities". Enlightenment: ideal is the guide star, without ideal, there is no way forward; without firm direction, there is no life.Nothing can be accomplished in the world without ambition. 4. The reward for the unpaid farmer Fleming is a poor Scotsman.One day when he was working in the field, he heard a cry from nearby.He put down his farm tools and ran to find that a c

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