The first volume of the sixth grade of morality and rule of law topic Feel the second class of law in life unit Unit 1 subjec t Morality and rule of law grad e Grade six Study target 1Emotional attitude and value goal: cultivate legal identity and legal consciousness. 2Ability goal: be able to use legal common sense to regulate their own behaviors, and be able to simply distinguish the laws corresponding to various behaviors. 3Knowledge goal: realize that there are laws everywhere in life. We live in a society ruled by law. We can know and understand criminal law, civil law and administrative law, and judge what law a behavior corresponds to. A key Realize that there is always a law in life, we live in a society ruled by law. difficulty Know and understand criminal law, civil law and administrative law. teaching process Teaching Teacher activity links Student Design intent activity Import Use your experience: look at the pictures Responder. new and tell us what laws are involved in these thinking lessons scenes? import. Teaching [there are laws everywhere in life] new 1Group competition: what laws will protect lessons our citizens?What laws do we have? of 2Broadcast the video "what laws are competition to protecting you in your life?"" improve 3The law is everywhere: every one of us, enthusiasm of from birth to growth, to school, to work, to students&apo marry, to have children, and even to s; death, is protected by the law. participation. Responder. Picture Take the way group the 4Law everywhere: picture display (1) in the factory: Labor Law of the people's Republic of China Through the (2) on the road: Road Traffic Safety Law of video, we teaching process the people's Republic of China (3) in supermarkets: Law realize of the our people's Republic of China on the that life is inseparable protection of consumers' rights and Interview from the law, interests and share. and we are (4) in schools: compulsory education law always of the people's Republic of China constrained 5The law is everywhere: no matter where and protected we are or in what scenarios, there are by relevant laws that regulate people's law.Through behavior, restrain us and protect us. the 6Small interview: please interview your are involved in their work and life. the people's Republic of China" Republic of China life, we and are protected and judge. of China regulate that our on Safety Law of the people's Republic laws realize everywhere in Think, Law: we connection. (3) my mother runs a restaurant: Food and scenes, there are laws officers in active service 7Life in Judgment, (2) my uncle is a soldier: Law of the people's laws different family or relatives to find out what laws (1) my aunt is a teacher: "Teachers Law of the constrained by laws no matter where social we are. relations, protect legitimate rights and interests, and maintain public order.From the political life of a country to the family Say what life of an individual, there are always you know traces of law, and everywhere there are about the legal figures. crime. 8, learning for application: read the following scenario description and connect Through connecting, we can apply Think, the knowledge teaching process the legal lines scenario.(activity corresponding park on to page the 8 judge. of we have learned, textbook) deepen [criminal law, civil law, administrative understanding law] Discuss and 1Understand the three substantive laws of understand our country: display the pictures of the the three laws. importance 2I am a judge: please judge what kind of of behavior contracts. is the suspect Wang's behavior and what laws he has violated? 3Judgment result: at present, the suspect Wang Mou has been detained for the our of legal norms and protection functions, and establish the awareness that life cannot be separated from law. crime of intentional homicide, and he has violated the criminal law. 4Interpretation: what is criminal law? 5You know what is a crime?Please tell me We what crimes you know? have 6Reading angle: page 6 of the textbook. preliminary 7, the catering company violated Yang Ying's portrait right, was awarded 1 million yuan and apologized: do you know which law the business violated? 8Interpretation: what is civil law? 9R

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