Lesson one lesson two Grow up in society Growing up in the social classroom Biologic man Socialization Social man an growth is a process of constant socializatio Parental care Teacher's instruction Social care Related links On July 29, 1996, maurici Montal, a 40 year old Italian cave expert, lived alone in an underground cave and started a life called "pioneer underground laboratory".In one year, in a comfortable but closed environment with superior equipment, montpell smoked 380 cigarettes, watched 100 videos, and rode more than 1600 kilometers on a fitness car.A year later, when he came out of the cave, he was pale and depressed.Although he is eager to be lively and get along with others, he has lost his communicative ability.After a long period of rehabilitation training, montpell told reporters that after spending a year in the cave, he knew that only when he was with people could he enjoy all the happiness of being a person. Our daily necessities, study and entertainment are inextricably linked with all aspects of society.Just as plant growth needs sunshine, air and water, human survival and development can not be separated from society. Everyone gets material support and spiritual nourishment from society. Develop Pro social behavior Scenario 1: the old man falls and passers-by avoids it Scenario 2: someone falls into the water, everyone is watching, nobody helps Scenario 3: litter and turn a blind eye Situation 4: disorderly jumping in line, disorderly In the face of the above "spectator" phenomenon and apathy, what should we do? Develop Pro social behavior Prosocial behavior refers to those behaviors which are beneficial to society and others. Modest and modest share Help Others Caring society Will develop Six lane alley In the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Ying, the great scholar of wenhuadian and Minister of rites, had a dispute with his neighbor Wu's family over the homestead. His family flew to the capital and asked Zhang Ying to say hello to the Wu family.What Zhang Ying gave back to his hometown was a doggerel poem: "a thousand miles of books are only for walls, so it's no harm to let him three feet.The Great Wall is still here today, without the first emperor of Qin. "When the family saw the book, they took the initiative to give up three feet on the dispute line and build a wall. Wu's neighbor was also deeply moved. He retreated three feet to build a house and a courtyard. So there was an alley six feet wide between the walls of the two families. What inspiration does the story of Liuchi Lane give us? Learn to be humble.

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