I. commodities • We can't do without commodities in our daily life.Grain, vegetables and fruits in the farmer's market, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar in the supermarket, clothes, shoes and hats in the market are all commodities.Excuse me? • 1. What are the common characteristics of the above different kinds of commodities? • 2. Judge whether the following items are commodities: • (1) the sweater your mother knitted for you • (2) natural spring / Nongfu spring a commodity, it should have the following conditions: abor product (it must be participated by in their natural state are not commoditi sed for exchange (to meet the needs of (I) commodities • 1. Concept of goods: labor products used for exchange. • (1) accurately understand "for exchange": • ① "ready for exchange" or "in (2) accurately understand the relationship among commodities, labor products and articles process of exchange".(e.g. the pen you are using) 物品 劳动产品 商品 • 2. Basic properties of goods (1) use value (natural attribute): the attribute that a commodity can meet people's certain needs (2) value (social attribute, essential attribute and and special Judgment: 1. There is no use value no value.() 2. What has use value must have attribute): human labor error value (). 3. What has no value must also have inWhat commodities error nocondensed use value (). 4. has value must have without difference use value.() 5. The use value and value of Correct Correct goods are unified and can be owned by one onesided at the same time () person Why do commodity producers pay attention to quality? ① use value is the material undertaker of value, and something without use value must have no value. Second, commodity producers attach importance to product quality is to value the use value of products, and use value is the material undertaker of value. Only when they attach importance to product quality, can commodity producers sell commodities smoothly and realize the value of commodities. Judgment: the following are commodities 1. Air and sunshine in natural Must grasp the concept of commodity dy state.Commodity and non commodity ide 2. Vegetables for sale in the farmer's They can transform market. each other 3. A farmer sells his 100kg of grain on the market. He sold two-thirds of them and gave the rest to his relatives. 4. I received the birthday cake from my friend. 5. Waste products sold to recycle bin. 6. Land rent paid by peasants to landlords. 7. Relief materials donated by people during earthquake relief. [typical example] Example: during the "61" period of Xinhua Bookstore in a city, some books were sold to students at a discount. Zhang Hua bought a discounted English Chinese dictionary, which is an English Chinese dictionary. A. It's a commodity because it's useful for students B. not a commodity because it is not used for exchange C. is a commodity, because it is both a labor product and an exchange D. It's not a product because it's on sale Analysis: this question examines the meaning of commodities.Goods are labor products used for exchange. Xinhua bookstore sells discount books, which are not natural goods, but labor products, which are also used for exchange, so item C is correct.Item a shows that the reason why books are commodities is not tenable from the perspective of the usefulness of books, that is, it ignores the important condition of being used for delivery.Discount sale is a common means of sales promotion, which reflects the exchange of goods, so item B and D are the wrong understanding of the book in question.Note: as a commodity, as long as it enters the market, no matter what form of sales or the stage for sale, it means that it has entered the exchange field, is in the process of or potential exchange, that is, it has the element of "for exchange". The evolution of commodity exchange Accidental barter = = Expanded barter Faith is a bird. It feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.What motto have yo u read abo ut faith?Today, the editor of American culture net brings you the motto abo ut faith. I hope yo u will like it.The motto of faith selects 10 million peo ple's failures, all of which are due to incomplete wo rk, and they o ften end up just one step away from success.2 . Belief is an all-around blade.3. Climb to the highest level and you will suddenly find that the scenery there is quite c ommon to yo u.4 . You can walk as far as you can see.5. Change yo urself, challenge yo urself, from now on.6. T

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