Unit 1 our guardian 1 feels the l aw in life 感 受 生 活 中 的 法 律 法律是什么 生活与法律 法律作用大 State owned national law, famil y rules No rules, no circles There are rules in your heart, a nd your behavior will be perfect. What is the law Law usually refers to a special code of conduct (social code) that is generally binding on all member s of the society, which is confirmed by the state and formulated by the legislature and guaranteed by the state's compulsory force (mainly the judiciary), and whose content is to stipulate the rights and obligatio ns of the parties. Law is a special code of conduct Birds fly in the blue sky, flowers blo om in the sun.We live in the blue sky a nd sunshine, and also in the law.The l aw regulates our behavior, protects ou r rights and coordinates the relationshi p between people.The law is around u s, always with us. Do these things have anything to do with the law? Yes, these activities are subject to and protected by law. 1. The law protects our rights.Under the pro visions of the law, we enjoy the rights of person al rights, property rights, the right to education and other rights to learn knowledge and grow u p happily. Let's say, as a primary school student, what rights do we have in family, study and society? A: rights of person, property, education, priva cy, freedom of communication, etc. 2. Our obligations are stipulated by law.When cro ssing the road, we should abide by traffic laws; in pu blic places, we should take good care of public prop erty and protect the environment; when borrowing fro m others, we should return them in time.When we re ach adulthood, we must work hard to make our own contribution to our country and society. On the relationship between morality and law 3. Discipline, morality and law regulate our beha vior.Different from discipline and morality, laws are f ormulated and promulgated by the state, which are c ompulsory and authoritative.All members of society should abide by the law, exercise their rights and fulf ill their obligations in accordance with the law.  Case study: Wang Lin is an ordinary citizen. He wants to go throu gh a river when he comes home from work. Suddenly, he hears someone shouting for help. It turns out that some one accidentally fell into the water.  Moral requirement  Should Wang Lin save people?  Legal requirements Wang Lin could not take off his clothes and d ived into the water to save the drowning man.Se eing the safety of the drowner, he left the scene quietly alone... Socialist morality makes up for the lack of la w in our country. Socialist morality plays an important role in promoting the implementation of la w in China.To improve the moral level of social members is conducive to peopl e's conscious compliance with and protection of the law. Homework after class 1. What is the law? 2. The relationship between discipline, morality and law?

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