Department edition of morality and rule of law topic Experience the first class of law in life unit Unit 1 subjec t Morality and rule of law grad e Grad e six Study target 1Emotional attitude and value goal: establish the concept and consciousness of the rule of law, consciously abide by the law and morality. 2Ability target: be able to correctly understand the protection and normative role of the law, and be able to abide by the law and morality. 3Knowledge goal: to understand what law is, to have a correct understanding of the concept and legal consequences of law, to learn to distinguish morality and law, to understand that morality and law are indispensable. We should abide by both law and morality. A key Know the law and be a law-abiding citizen. difficulty To understand that morality and law are indispensable, we should abide by both the law and morality. teaching process Teaching Teacher activity links Student Design intent activity Import We often say that "the state-owned new national law, family rules, no rules do not Import directly lessons become a circle."So what does national using law mean?What are the similarities and import differences between them? language. Teaching [what is the law] new 1. pictures: lessons Picture 1: students take bus to autumn the tour Picture 2: parents take their children to Reflection. the hospital 2Thinking: are these things related to the law?What laws might be relevant? 3Transitional language: these activities Talk about Talk about are subject to and protected by law.So your their what is the law? understandi understanding 4What is law?Please talk about your ng of the of the law, teaching process understanding of the law according to law. forming a your understanding. preliminary 5. conclusion 1: concept of the (1) our rights are protected by law: law. property right and education right. (2) say: as a primary school student, what Combined rights do we have in our family, school with life Taking and society? experience, students&apo 6, induction 2: talk about s; (1) our obligations are stipulated by law: I the rights experience as will and the protect wild animals. obligations point, (2) say: as a primary school student, what of primary arouse are our obligations in family, school and school students&apo society? students. s; interest and abide by traffic regulations and 7Conclusion: the law not only protects our rights, but also stipulates life starting it can help students our to think from obligations. specific life. [Law and morality] 1Exploration and sharing: judge whether Make a the to judgment morality, law or discipline?What are the based on consequences of the violation? the (1) young man, can you give the old man situation. following situations belong a seat? situations as materials, let students distinguish be late or absent from class without any reason. Think and (3) driving without license and regret! discuss. of violating the law are the same as those specific correctly (2) it is against the school regulations to 2Insight: do you think the consequences Take morality, law and discipline, and think about and analyze the teaching process of violating school discipline? differences What's the difference between law, between them morality and discipline? Comparison from 3Video: Chengdu court's public trial and cases of drug cases: three main criminals are induction. deepen specific to sentenced to death understanding 4List: consequences of violation of laws. . 5The difference between law, morality and discipline. 6Tips: discipline, regulate our discipline morality and behavior.Different and morality, law from laws are formulated and promulgated by the state, which are compulsory authoritative.All members of Debate. and society Reflection. Improve students&apo should abide by the law, exercise their s; rights expression and fulfill their obligations in language accordance with the law. ability 7On the uselessness of morality: some logical people say that the law has played a very thinking important ability, be able role in regulating and people's behavior, so there is no to express need to emphasize morality.Do you think their morality is useful?(debate) views clearly, 818 pieces of clothes bought by women and try to be will

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