Blessings for exam motivation 1, * * * Come on * * *]This is a successful test. The examinee will get an ideal result after receiving it. I hope you will face the test with my blessing and a good mood!2. Today, I'm going to take the exam. I'll give you a small gift. It's said that if you receive such a gift on the day of the exam, you will get a satisfactory result. I wish you good luck in the exam!3. Be pessimistic about success and optimistic about failure.Look at yourself with ease and others with tolerance.Do not ask for harvest, but ask for cultivation!Heaven rewards diligence.4. Spring is green, and autumn is the world of gold.May you use the green of youth to brew the golden autumn in the future.5. Let's work together.Waiting for us will be a beautiful tomorrow!Come on.Come on.6. It's sad to say goodbye when the curtain is opened and the memory sleeps in front of you. Only love is still brilliant!Auld Lang Syne!The exam goes well, and we'll go through life together!7. Let go of the tension in the past study and face it easily with a common heart. I believe you will get your ideal score.May good luck always be with you!8. Put down the burden and use your brain. Be diligent in thinking and reviewing. I wish you good results!9. The wind blows quietly, and the Phoenix flower shows its bright red color. Dear friends, please shake hands and run to the West and East tomorrow.But don't forget each other's agreement: the success of college entrance examination!10. Have a good time after the college entrance examination, and forget all the lessons reviewed in the college entrance examination with indulgent happiness!11. College entrance examination!Dear friends, calm down your mind, control your mood, take the test with your usual mind, forget one door after the test, let yourself relax as much as possible and have a good rest.I hope you're in high school!12. There is no big deal in the college entrance examination. The questions I can work out may not be worked out by others. The questions I can't work out may not be worked out by others. What I do is right. I am the best!14. College entrance examination belongs to you!Believe in yourself, you are the best!I wish you success in the college entrance examination, a bang for the buck, a gold medal title!15. No longer in senior three, please cherish it.A year's experience, a lifetime of wealth.16. Child, you are the continuation of mom and dad's life, and also the hope of mom and dad's future. Your every move always affects mom and dad's heart.There is still a long way to go. You have to face any challenge bravely. Mom and dad are your solid backing.17. To be virtuous, to carry things, and to be diligent.Don't I always believe you?!Ha ha, so you have paid so much, don't be afraid (although you didn't say it), ha ha, there is absolutely no problem 18, wave your hand, let you go first, my smart smile, I hope you will always remember.College entrance examination as scheduled, I hope you and my high school, meet in the ideal school goodbye!19. Perhaps, life can not be as beautiful as you think, the road of life can not be flat, and people's mood will not be as still as water.20. Healthy body is the foundation, good study style is the condition, hard work is the prerequisite, learning method is the key, and psychological quality is the guarantee.21. After three years of wind and rain, we have stepped on a few waves, ten years of cold, and now we are going to take the examination hall calmly!Ming Dynasty gold list Title world know!The rainbow after the wind and rain appears at the moment when you open the gift, and my blessing laughs at the moment when you finish reading it!Read it with a smile, and follow your future path with a smile!Friend!My blessing you will understand!22. It's about to take the exam. Let go of the tension in the past study and face it with a common heart. I believe you will get your ideal score.May good luck always be with you!23. The exam is coming. I hope my greeting message will send you a relaxed and refreshing mood. Don't be too nervous!Otherwise, the answer will be forgotten!I am here to support you, encourage you and bless you!24. There are three keys to the success of college entrance examination.First, the spirit of diligence; second, scientific methods; third, a good mentality.25. In the days of examination, you should be able to eat and sl

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