Blessing before examination Dear, I'm going to enter the examination hall. I'm in this big northern city, blessing you. I believe that you know, my blessing is around you. I know that you will win! I know you have worked hard. I believe you will succeed. Come on, study hard for ten years. I hope you can give full play to your extraordinary level, the title of the golden list, and realize your dream! In the distance, I silently wish you good luck in your exams! Dreams come true! Make your own wonderful life! Forever good friends are cheering for you! Believe in yourself, you will get more salad! Friends must succeed! Everything goes well! It's about to take the exam. I hope my greeting message will send you a relaxed and refreshing mood. Don't be too nervous! Otherwise, I will forget the answer! I'm here to support you, encourage you and bless you! Hard work, just for this moment! Give full play to your strength, all the people who care for you will bless and pray for you, I believe you will get satisfactory results in the exam, and be listed on the list! It's almost the day of the exam. I hope you can do your own thing, have a good meal, listen to relaxed words and sleep well.Keep yourself in a good and calm state of mind. Don't be too nervous. I believe your dream will come true! In the course of these two days' examination, we should adjust our mood. After passing the examination, we should stop thinking. The important thing is to eat well, drink well, have a good rest, create a good examination atmosphere, and wish you a smooth examination! I know you are experiencing an important challenge in your life. Maybe you have anxiety, fear and excitement. But I want to say, please don't forget all the people who care for you. We are your strong backing. How many times can we fight in life? When is it better not to fight now? Cherish the opportunity and let the golden age collide with more brilliant sparks! To put it bluntly, it's not hard to improve your performance. It depends on whether you are willing to work hard to accumulate more questions and summaries. It should be the principle of our study and of our life not to be clever or cheat.The foundation of this is to believe in yourself, not only in your existing strength, but also in the progress you can make through your efforts. "Speaking of efficiency" contains two meanings: one is to do nothing without cost, and the other is to save time and effort.Fast action is about efficiency; organized is about efficiency; concentration is about efficiency; planning properly is about efficiency. It is a real truth to take solving one's own problems as the goal. It is a shortcut to success to face up to one's own problems and try to solve them.Who can fall down to the heart to focus their eyes on small holes and obstacles, who will take a big step first. Learning is an independent action, which needs to be explored, pondered, actively and tenaciously. The hardships are borne by you alone, and the victory is won by you independently. Come on, my dear friend, calm down, control your mood, take the test with your usual attitude, forget one door after the test, let yourself relax as much as possible and have a good rest.I hope you're in high school! It's about to take the exam. Let go of the tension in the past study and face it easily with a common heart. I believe you will get your ideal score.May good luck always be with you!

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