How to prevent allergic enteritis of baby? 1. The duration of breastfeeding can be extended to at least 6 months.Breast milk contains many kinds of immunoglobulins and antibodies which can inhibit allergic reaction, which is very beneficial to prevent allergy.During lactation, the mother should avoid eating food that may cause allergy. 2. The first year after the birth of the baby's diet to low allergen based food.Gradually add a new food to your baby every week, starting with vegetables, rice, cereal and fruits. 3. For babies with allergic constitution, the time of adding complementary food can be later, and can be postponed to 6-8 months. 4. When adding solid food, the quantity should be less, and the variety should be single. When the baby has no allergic reaction, it should be fed more or added with new complementary food.Do not add a variety of new foods at the same time, so as not to distinguish allergens. 5. Once you find out which foods will cause allergic reaction of your baby, you should stop eating immediately. 6.For foods that cause allergies, especially those that disappear with age.Generally, it is recommended to try to add once every half a year or so, from less to more, to see disappeared. if the disease is alleviated or

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