Born 22 days, died in sleep, this sleeping posture must be vigilant! 2010Charlie, a baby from the United States, was suffocating in his sleep because of lying on his father's back.Poor this little life. It's only 22 days old. I haven't had time to have a good look at the world. Every new parent must be alert to the sleeping position of the baby.The new baby's activity ability is very weak, even turning around is so difficult.At this time, it is very dangerous for the baby to lie down. 1.So, what's the best sleeping position for a baby? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all healthy infants (under 1 year old) fall asleep in a supine position, whether sleeping during the day or at night. In particular, the incidence of sudden infant death is the highest in infants within 6 months. Because the baby is still in the development stage, unable to turn over effectively, or covered too tightly and too thick, lack of physical strength, and lack of self-help ability when suffocation occurs. So when the baby sleeps, the parents should also regularly observe the baby, check whether the mouth and nose are covered, and whether the breathing is smooth.When the baby is sleeping on his stomach, you can also consider turning him back to the supine position. When lying on the sofa and playing with your baby, be sure to avoid falling asleep first.So when the baby lies on his husband's body and falls asleep, don't just focus on the warm photos of the two brothers sleeping together. It's business to take the baby back to the crib! When the baby can turn over skillfully, it can turn over from supine to prone position freely, and turn back from prone to supine with great ease. The strings in parents' hearts are slightly relaxed.Can let the baby choose their favorite sleeping position (this stage is really difficult to control, sleeping is still full of bed roll ah). If you don't feel at ease, when you find your baby sleeping on his stomach, look for any dangerous things around him, or you can catch him and turn him back to the supine position. PS: Although we have passed the high-risk stage of sudden death in sleep after 6 months, we can't take it lightly before one year old! 2.Redundant bedding also lurks crisis! Although put some plush toys on the baby's crib, it will look more warm.However, compared with warm and lovely, the safety of the crib is the most important for the baby. On the crib, except for the baby and the cover of the current season, remove the extra pillows, blankets, plush toys, clothes and other sundries. If the baby's face is buried in these soft objects, it is likely to cover the mouth and nose, resulting in poor breathing.Baby's bed does not need to be too soft, the best choice is hard baby mattress.These details can reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome. You want a pillow?One year later! In addition, choose suitable, seasonal coverlet, set light, warm in one, of course, sleeping bag is also a good choice. Baby metabolism is exuberant, not as afraid of cold as we think, and in the first few months of life, it is easy to sleep into a "surrender" (hands up). At this moment, there is no need to cover him tightly, and it may be better to give him some space for activities.It's not too late to help him cover the quilt again. It's not easy to be a parent. If you want to be a good parent, you need to keep on learning science and parenting.Wish the little babies a sweet dream every day. In the morning, with the loudest cry or sweet smile, ask "good morning" to mom and Dad!

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