3 small actions to improve the dull and visible skin Guide: do this to improve the dullness of skin. Learn it quickly! Gentle massage A gentle massage once or twice a day is a shortcut to skin tone improvement.Massage can make capillaries and lymphatic vessels absorb nutrients and discharge waste. Regular exercise for the skin can also improve skin temperature, accelerate blood circulation, transport enough oxygen for the skin, and make the skin full of ruddy luster. After using make-up water, rub your hands together for 1 minute, and then massage your cheeks, ears and forehead from bottom to top with your middle finger and ring finger, about 3-5 minutes. Eat more red and yellow vegetables Red and yellow vegetables such as tomatoes, yellow peppers, pumpkins and so on, help to improve the dark skin color. Be a sleeping beauty Sleep can affect the whole body's physiological balance, including the beauty of the skin.Sleep well, the skin gets normal rest, the microvasculature is unobstructed, and the skin is smooth and smooth.The growth hormone released during sleep also makes skin cells replicate faster, making the face rosy.

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