Welcome Kit Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Ingram Micro Thank you for choosing Ingram Micro as your AWS partner. Your Master Payer account has now been processed and you’re ready to begin your journey. For additional questions, reach out to [email protected] Best Practices and Requirements We’ve identified best practices for using your Master Payer account through Ingram Micro. The way that AWS business is conducted and is managed by Ingram Micro are critical for both the Indirect Reseller and Ingram Micro. Conforming to the below items will ensure compliance with AWS APN requirements, reduce AWS discounting errors, and allow Ingram Micro to proactively support billing related issues and disputes. 1. Grant IAM Billing and Support 2. Monthly End-User Report Cross-Account Roles AWS requires the Amazon Partner Network (APN) to be updated each month so that discounts and credits are assigned in the correct manner ensuring accuracy on your Ingram Micro bill. Implement an Ingram Micro provided IAM Billing and Support Roles (IMBillingRole) via cross account access from the primary Ingram Micro Payer Account. This Role will allow Ingram Micro to create Billing Support Tickets, view the Billing Console, and assist with all billing related issues. In efforts to comply with this, we ask that you submit a monthly End-User Report of all newly created or repurposed payee accounts to [email protected] by the 21st of each month. Existing Master Payer accounts transferring to Ingram Micro will require the addition of the below role(s). 1. Access to Billing Console, Cost Explorer, and Cost & Usage Reports (CUR) 2. Access to the AWS Support Console Refer to How to Create Ingram Billing Policy and Cross Account Role for Partners for assistance. Note – If your Master Payer account was created by Ingram Micro, the above role(s) will already be in place. Authorized Distribution Territories 3. REMINDER: The Indirect Reseller (Your Company) is responsible for ensuring all Payee accounts are within an Ingram Micro Distribution authorized territory. Reference the Authorized AWS Territories section within the AWS Handbook for more information. Use this excel file, End User Reporting for Master Payer Accounts, to be used for End User Reporting. 4. Unlinking a Master Payer If your Master Payer account chooses to leave Ingram Micro Distribution, the Reseller (Your Company) is responsible for informing the Ingram IaaS Sales team ([email protected]). You must collaborate with Ingram Micro around the full offboarding process to ensure that 1. 2. 3. All billing information is set up to the new responsible party. The removal of all policies and cross-account roles including, but not limited to, CloudCheckr and IMBillingRole (From step 1 above). Ensure that you are up to date in payment with Ingram Micro. Note: Transferring a Master Payer away from Ingram Micro Distribution requires a Consent to Assignment (CTA). 5. Payer Account Tax Settings Confirm that the Payer Account’s tax setting is updated with Ingram Micro’s TRN detail guaranteeing that charges are taxed appropriately. The Indirect Reseller is responsible for ensuring that all Payee accounts have the same tax settings as the Payer Account. Reference the “Enabling tax setting inheritance” section of this page for assistance. Configure Tax Inheritance in AWS 1. Log in to the Master Payer Account 2. Navigate to the Billing Console 3. Select Tax settings 4. Ensure that the information of the Master account reflects the Tax Address of that of Ingram Micro shown below. 5. Click on “Enable Tax Settings Inheritance” The Tax Settings should be set to reflect that of Ingram Micro below: The Ingram Micro Value • Pre-sales technical assistance and estimates through our Solution Design and Services Line (SDaS) • Dedicated Ingram Micro and AWS Teams • Migration and POC funding on approved opportunities • Migration services and other Professional Services offerings • CloudCheckr tool • Business Planning and APN advancement assistance • Ingram Micro AWS Illuminate Partner Program Sales Enablement • Sales Training • Compensation Modelling • GTM Strategy • Marketing Campaign Consultation • End Customer Lead Generation • Pipeline and Opportunity Management • Practice Development Technology Enablement • Partner Programs for APN Journey • Business Planning • Competency Development • APN Tier Upgrade Guidance • Technical Train

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