Three main points of baby skin care Guide: it's not so easy to care for your baby's skin. Mom, do you know the three points of caring for your baby's skin? Point 1: cleaning.Get up in the morning, use soft towel or gauze to soak warm water to wipe the baby's face, pay attention to the cleaning of the facial features, just after eating milk or food, especially to thoroughly clean the key areas of the mouth.Don't use rough towels to clean your baby's face, let alone alkaline soap.Every night before going to bed, take a warm bath for the baby, and wipe the baby's small buttocks with the baby's special soft wet towel, which can not only clean, but also moisturize the skin, effectively prevent the appearance of red buttocks. Point two: moisturizing.In addition to more water for the baby, parents should use a hot and humid towel to gently apply it to the baby's lips every day, so that the lips can fully absorb water, and then apply the baby's special lip oil or sesame oil.After cleaning the face, apply baby lotion and cream to moisturize the skin; after bathing, wipe the baby's whole body dry in time, then warm the cream with your hands and gently apply it on the baby to lock the water needed by the skin. Point three: sun protection.The newborn's skin is delicate and fragile, so parents should avoid excessive exposure to the sun when they go out, especially the strong sunlight.When it is necessary to go out, use non irritant high-quality baby sunscreen without organic chemical sunscreen for exposed skin.

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