1 HASBROUCK HEIGHTS RECREATION DEPARTMENT 2021 SUMMER PLAYGROUND PROGRAM CAMP "REC TREK" June 28th – August 6th Our playground staff consists of the Director of Recreation, 4 assistants to the director, all 4 assistants are certified teachers/coaches in the Hasbrouck Heights School System and numerous counselors. The counselors at the head table will supervise the children’s comings and goings. The program starts Monday, June 28 th, and continues through Friday, August 6th. The program will only be held at Woodland Park. Summer Camp Covid Protocols:  Do Not Drop your child off if they have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 10 days, Do not Drop your child off if they are experiencing any symptoms of being sick, including, but not limited to: Fever, aches, chills, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, nausea, or fatigue.  Temperatures will be taken at the entrance to the park on Cleveland Avenue, before child checks in at front desk.  All children must be wearing a mask to enter the camp,  All campers will have to sanitize their hands upon entering the park (sanitizing stations will be set up along path and through out the park)  Campers will be placed in “pods” or groups for the week this is to prevent the entire camp from being shut down for a positive case and to help for contact tracing to be quick and efficient.  Pods do not have to include family members, but of course siblings can be placed together at the parents request; the PODS will be friends and/or children in a similar age range and interests.  Information about forming/requesting pods will be emailed to all parents before the start of camp. 2  Campers and Counselors must exercise social distancing as much as possible, when social distancing is NOT an option masking up will be enforced.  Please send your child to camp with several masks in case they get lost, or become dirty,  Parents will NOT be allowed to enter the park at anytime during the summer camp hours.  The park will be closed to all residents during summer camp hours.  Playground equipment, bathrooms, playing equipment, etc will be sanitized through out the day, every day.  A child that has had to quarantine MAY require proof of a negative test 10 days after exposure, in order to return to camp. POLICIES HOURS: The summer playground hours are 9am to 3:30pm. Please do not send your children prior to 9am, as the camp is not yet open and no official supervision is available. Please be prompt when picking up your child at 3:30 pm! You will be warned once, then we will implement our overtime supervision program, you will be charged $30/ half hour per child. If these hours are abused your child will not be allowed to return to camp and no refund will be available DROP OFF & PICK-UP: DROP OFF- All children are to be dropped off at the Cleveland Ave entrance near the playground. NO VEHICLES WILL BE PERMITTED TO DRIVE THROUGH THE PARK AT ANYTIME DURING CAMP HOURS! The main table will be placed at this entrance for you to sign your child in and out of the camp. Under no circumstances are you to drive down Harrison or Roosevelt 3 Avenues, as these entrances will be blocked off for safety. This will also save you from having to make a u-turn to go back up these streets. PICK UP: If your child is to be picked up, you must come and wait on the edge of the park at the Cleveland Ave entrance and wait for your child to be scanned out. Children will not be released until a parent or guardian is present. If your child is to be going home with anyone other than a parent, a permission note will be needed. Also, if the child is permitted to leave camp on foot or by bike, the attached permission form must be returned to the head table on the first day of camp. LUNCH: We announce LUNCH TIME every day at 11:30, YOU MUST REMIND YOUR CHILD TO EAT THEIR LUNCH, we do not make children eat as if it was a school lunch. Children will eat with their POD each day in different areas of camp. Remember, you must always have your child scan in and out of the playground. If your child brings lunch, you must have their name on the bag and on all water bottles, etc. T-SHIRTS: Shirts will be handed out the first day of camp or your child’s first day attending camp. RAINY DAYS: The park is equipped with a lightning detection system, if the alarm sounds we will move the children under the pavilion until the system gives the “all clear” horn or until the childr

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