The cause of baby's green stool Guide: there are many reasons for the green stool, but as long as the baby's stool frequency and symptoms are normal, you don't have to worry too much. Careful Mummy will find that the baby's stool sometimes appears green.Many mothers worry that the baby is sick, think that the baby's digestion has problems.So, is it normal for babies to pull green?What causes it? • green stools in breastfed infants The color of stool is closely related to the chemical change of bile.Bile in the upper part of the small intestine contains bilirubin and biliverdin, which makes the stool yellow and green.When the stool is pushed to the colon, biliverdin is reduced to bilirubin, and the stool is yellow.Breast fed children's stool is slightly acidic. Under the action of intestinal bacteria, part of bilirubin is converted into biliverdin, which makes the stool discharged light green, which is a normal phenomenon. Catch cold Children eat a little bit cold milk or children's abdomen, feet may be cold stool green. This is because the cold will cause the intestine to peristalsis too fast, and the biliverdin in the colon can not be reduced to bilirubin, so it appears green.If there is only green stool, keep your abdomen warm, especially at night, it will recover in a few days.If you have cold symptoms, you should treat the cold at the same time. Hunger Some babies do not have enough to eat, hunger will make the intestinal peristalsis speed up, appear green stool, babies cry because of hunger, restlessness and other performance, easy to distinguish from other situations.This situation as long as the increase of milk, so that the baby can eat enough. • fortified iron formula The fecal bilirubin in some feces can be further converted into fecal bilinogen. Fecal bilinogen is colorless, so the feces are mostly light yellow.If the iron in the formula is not completely absorbed, it will make his stool green. To sum up, if the stool is not green, the problem is not very big. If the frequency and character of children's stool are normal, there is no need to worry about it.If the child is abnormal, take the baby to the doctor.

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