Wear socks if you can't walk Guide: Although the baby can't walk, but socks must be worn, which is a kind of protection for the baby's feet. Babies can't walk and don't wear shoes, but they have to wear socks because: • the infant's thermoregulatory function is not yet mature, and the ability to generate heat is small, while the ability to dissipate heat is large. In addition, the body surface area is relatively large, so it is easier to dissipate heat. When the ambient temperature is a little low, the terminal circulation of the baby is not good. Touching his feet is cool. If you put socks on the baby, it can play a role in keeping warm and avoid catching cold. The baby also feels comfortable. • with the increase of the infant's age, his ability has grown a lot, especially the increase of lower limb activity. When he is happy, he will dance with his hands and feet. When he is not happy to cry, he often kicks around. It can be said that as long as it's not sleeping time, he always keeps moving, so the chance of damaging the skin and toes will increase. Some children even wear the skin of the foot root, and wearing socks can reduce the occurrence of these injuries. • there are more and more opportunities for the baby's skin to contact with the external environment. Some dirty things, such as dust and other harmful substances, can invade the body through the baby's delicate skin, increase the chance of infection. Wearing socks can play a role of cleaning and sanitation, and also prevent mosquito bites.

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