3rd Draft Tony/April02 Positive Behavioural Support An Information Resource for the Subscriber Network, 2002 Collated by Bob Marks (Subscriber Network Co-ordinator, Tizard Centre) & Tony Osgood (Behaviour Specialist, East Kent Community Trust) “Modern behavioural approaches can result in significant short and medium term reductions in the severity of the behaviour. Learning Disability Partnership Boards should ensure that local services develop the competencies needed to provide treatment and support within the local area. To facilitate this, we have made developing specialist services for people with severe challenging behaviour and/or autism one of the i 3rd Draft Tony/April02 priorities for the capital element of the Learning Disability Development Fund.” -Valuing People 8.44: People with learning disabilities who have challenging behaviour Department of Health, 2001 Content Introduction Page 1 What Is Positive Behavioural Support? What Are PBS Values? Page 2 Page Three Primary Functions 4 Page Why Do Humans Do What They Do? 5 Page Behavioural Learning Theory Page Not A Case Study! Page 12 Finding Out Why 6 6 Page 14 Difficult But Not Impossible Page 15 Functional Assessment: how a specialist might help Interventions Page 20 Page 23 Conclusion Page 21 Sources of Information Page 24 ii 3rd Draft Tony/April02 Todd Risley’s prayer: Grant us the power to change those conditions we cannot accept, The technical skill to work within those conditions we cannot change, And the wisdom to know the difference. Photocopying Member services may photocopy all or part of this pack as often as they like for use within their own service. The pack or any part of it should not be reproduced (by any means) for any other purpose without the written permission of the network coordinator. Throughout Throughoutthe thepack, pack,there thereare are direct quotations from the literature direct quotations from the literatureon on Positive PositiveBehavioural BehaviouralSupport. Support.They Theyare are given givenin inboxes boxeslike likethis thisone onewith withaafull full reference referencein inthe thelist listof ofreading readingat atthe the end endof ofthe thepack pack Bob iii BobMarks Marks&&Tony TonyOsgood Osgood 3rd Draft Tony/April02 Introduction The aim of this pack is to provide an overview of an approach to working with people whose behaviour challenges others, and limits their own opportunities in the community. The approach is known as Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). Much of the literature on PBS originates from America, though there is growing interest in the practice in the UK. This pack is based not only on research, but current experience & practice. This pack explains- using accessible language- what PBS is, and will provide examples of practice. At the end of the pack a number of references are provided, and sources of more detailed information, some of which are web-based. This pack will not transform people into practitioners of PBS; it does not replace the need for services to seek appropriate professional help. The pack will help services to understand By Byusing usingwhat whatwe we know, we can create know, we can create better betterservices... services... (Emerson (Emerson McGill McGill&&Mansell, Mansell, 1994). 1994). challenging behaviour, to respond to it in person centred ways and work effectively with specialist professionals. The themes of PBS can inform people working with vulnerable others. In this spirit, we hope this pack will be of benefit as an introduction to an exciting approach which can aid people developing their working practice in a person-centred and skilled 1 3rd Draft Tony/April02 manner when working with some of the most vulnerable people at the margins of our society. What is Positive Behavioural Support? Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is a way of working & supporting individuals whose behaviour challenges others or limits their own opportunities. PBS involves a proactive, assessment-based approach that is consistent with the science of behaviour & person-centred action  examines not only the person but their life contexts  encourages collaboration among families and professionals from a variety of PBS is an approach that blends PBS is an approach that blends values about the rights of values about the rights of people with disabilities with a people with disabilities with a practical science about how practical science ab

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