Let's see if your baby has BABINSKY reflex. Reading Guide: the reflexes of the newborn can be used to evaluate the physical health of the baby. What are the problems? BABINSKY's reflex is to gently stroke the sole of the baby's foot, the thumb will rise, and the other four fingers are fan-shaped.This indicates that the nervous system is developing normally.However, it is recommended that mom and dad do not constantly scratch the sole of the baby's feet for this reason, which will make the baby uncomfortable.This reflex disappears after the baby learns to walk about 1 year old. In addition to BABINSKY reflex, babies usually have the following reflexes: • milk seeking reflex Looking for milk reflex is to touch a baby's mouth or cheek with his fingers slightly, and his head will turn to the stimulated side, and he will stick out his tongue to suck things; or he will hold the baby in his mother's arms, and the baby will automatically look for his mother's nipple to drink milk.Looking for milk reflex generally disappears when the baby is 3-4 months old and the baby's eyes can focus on the object. • sucking reflex Sucking and allowing reflex is to put the finger or the mother's nipple into the baby's mouth. Without the instruction of the mothers, the baby will automatically hold something and suck regularly.So when the baby does this reflex action, he will also find the position of the nipple by himself, so that he can automatically absorb the milk and achieve the nutrition needed by the body. • grip reflex Grip reflex is when a baby's hand is touched with a finger or other object, he will hold it tightly for several seconds.With the same stimulation, toes and soles respond similarly.Grasping reflex can promote the interaction between babies and adults.This reaction usually disappears 4 months after the baby is born, and the grip reflex of the paw disappears about 8 months after the baby is born. • startling reflex Startling reflex refers to the stimulation of sudden sounds or actions, such as raising the baby's head slightly and then suddenly putting it down, or suddenly making a big sound, the baby's limbs and fingers will straighten and open outwards.The purpose of the action is self-protection.The startling reflex disappeared when the baby was 3-4 months old. Do you think the baby's reflexes are cute? Do you think the baby's potential is so big and cute? Baoma and baodads can't help it. But don't forget that these reflexes can also reflect the baby's physical health. The reflexes of the newborn can also be used to evaluate the baby's physical health.In reflection inspection, we will take these reflection actions, thickness actions and other items as a reference for evaluation. If the baby has a relative reflex problem, it is likely to be neuropathy.If the baby does not have a startling reflex or is not obvious, the mother should pay attention to the baby's hearing problems.If the frequency and reaction of some reflexes are too frequent and violent, or the reflexes do not disappear when they disappear, they are abnormal conditions, which may be related to the brain and central nervous diseases or some diseases of the baby. If necessary, the baby should be evaluated and diagnosed by the pediatric neurologist.

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