Mixed Reality Gateway Task: Pre-Teaching Vocabulary in an Informational Text Candidates will critically examine, adapt, and launch a lesson on immigration by pre-teaching important vocabulary to a group of student avatars. This mixed-reality scenario has been adapted to serve as a pre-practicum gateway task. The supplemental materials below include detailed task manager, simulation specialist, and candidate instructions as well as a rubric and mustsees to assess candidate performance. Please read through the full document as implementation of this scenario as a gateway task differs from practice sessions. In particular, while practice sessions are often structured as a fish-bowl activity, gateway tasks should be scheduled such that each candidate only engages with the scenario once and does not observe others’ performance prior to their own. Relevant Licensure Fields and Grade Levels ● ● ● ● Elementary, 1-6 History, 5-12 Moderate Disabilities, PreK-8 and 5-12 Social Science, 5-12 Alignment to Subject Matter Knowledge This gateway task is aligned to the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework, which states that while studying outlined topics, students apply grade-level standards for reading informational text, writing, and speaking and listening, and learn vocabulary and concepts related to history and social science. In order to well-teach the lesson in this scenario, teacher candidates must demonstrate the necessary depth and breadth of content knowledge needed to support all students in mastering the following content expectations: ● ● History and Social Science - 5.T1: Early colonization and growth of colonies, focusing on the supporting question: To what extent was North America a land of opportunity, and for whom? English Language Arts and Literacy - Craft and Structure 4: Determine the meaning of general academic and domain-specific words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade 5 topic or subject area. (See grade 5 Language Standards 4–6 on applying knowledge of vocabulary to reading.) Alignment to Professional Standards for Teachers In order to well-teach the lesson such that students master the content expectations above, teacher candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the following pedagogical skills: ● II-A Instruction: Uses instructional practices that reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work, engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels of readiness. ● II-C: Cultural Proficiency Indicator: Actively creates and maintains an environment in which students' diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected. 1 Educator Preparation Task Manager Instructions The 2018 Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework lays out ten guiding principles for effective history and social science instruction. Guiding Principle 2 states that: Guiding Principle 2 supports more accurate, rigorous, and culturally responsive and sustaining instruction, and pushes against the silencing that can result when certain groups’ experiences are consistently misrepresented, marginalized, or ignored in curriculum. It emphasizes that history and social science instruction should be: In reality, many History and Social Science curriculums fall short of these goals, instead centering dominant narratives and perspectives and presenting the possibility of curricular violence. This gateway task is designed to encourage candidates to consider the characteristics of rigorous, high-quality, and culturally responsive instructional materials; to be critical consumers of materials and texts; and to make the adaptations necessary to ensure that instruction is inclusive, critical, responsive and sustaining. All of these considerations contribute to anti-racist teaching practice, which is essential for all students. 2 This task is designed to be completed during Pre-Practicum Stage 1 1 because it does not require a candidate to directly engage with students in a PK-12 classroom. Follow the steps outlined below to coordinate, calibrate, and score candidates’ performance on this gateway task: 1. Book the DESE1_1_Gateway_MS_CC_Vocabulary scenario on Mursion’s platform and add the candidate’s full name in the notes section if you are scheduling on his or her behalf. 2. Calibrate expectations for candidates’ performance by reviewing the “Must-Sees” on pages 11-12. Be clear about what a scorer

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